Acupuncture, Ice Cream and Sunshine

Only one of the three things in the title happened today, and it’s not ice cream or sunshine! But since I went to my first acupuncture session by myself I don’t have any pictures and was too busy enjoying the relaxation to whip out my phone. So instead there’s some Lilli pics from the last week instead. I am so close to being caught up!!Pippin thoroughly enjoys the combo of purple Ariel dress and bright green tights.
One night last week we went out for Jeni’s ice cream. It’s easily the best ice cream around. Everything is so fresh and different and they have actual good tasting sorbets for Lilli and Brent (since they are lactose intolerant). None of that orange junk that most places serve for the lactose intolerant folks. I got a Butter Cake and Lavender scoops, and Brent and Lil had Riesling Pear and Lime Cardamon. It’s all SO good.
The only use we’ve gotten for snow boots this year is stomping bubble wrap. Sad and true.
Last Saturday was a little chilly, after all the tornadoes moved through, but it was so sunny that it really didn’t feel bad. Lil and I went all over the neighborhood while Brent worked on fixing his brakes.
Buzz Lightyear even went with us on our walk.
Her outfit choice cracks me up. A Dora dress with leggings and a Ralph Lauren jacket, with pink sparkle shoes. She is so destined to be Donald Trump’s apprentice one day!
So much energy!!!
She wanted to go to “the real park”. I guess the private school playground next door wasn’t cutting it. I greatly prefer not really having to deal with other kids! But we took her to Shelby Park, where of course we had to deal with other kids and the fact that some parents in our neighborhood just drop their kids off and leave. I can’t imagine just leaving Lilli and heading on my merry way! We didn’t stay too long before we came home for lunch. For some reason “the real park” is on her mind a lot lately and she keeps telling me grandma and grandpa are going to come and pick her up, take her to the airport, and you would all fly to the park together. Just let me know when the flight leaves and she will be packed!

Right after work today I had made myself an appointment for acupuncture. Acupuncture is proven to help with a lot of things and I’ve got no fear of needles or trying new things. There’s a great community practice (East Nashville Community Acupuncture) in our neighborhood that also makes it affordable by practicing in more of a group setting, like they would do in China. And it’s on a sliding scale so you just pay what you can afford, and you can stay and rest as long as you like. Before I went back in the group room I was able to talk to the doctor in a private room, and then she took me into the large group setting where they had about a dozen comfy recliners. She put needles in my head, arms, hands, legs and feet and then left me to rest for as long as I wanted. It’s a strange thing to describe but your body starts to feel somewhat heavy and you just sort of drift away into a deep relaxation. The needles don’t hurt a bit, and the only ones I even felt going in were the ones in the arches of my feet. Most of the people in the room fell asleep, so they do suggest you bring earplugs if snoring disturbs you. I may have drifted off a time or two, but with it being a new experience for me I know I wasn’t quite as rested as others. It was incredibly nice being in a room where all I had to do was stretch out and relax!! They did share that a woman fell asleep for five hours a few weeks ago – their current record. When they say you can stay as long as you want they truly mean it! I’ve had massive sinus problems the last week and I can say my head does already feel clearer and I am definitely feeling more rested and relaxed tonight. It’s not a one time thing, so I’ll be going back once a week for several months, at least. And that’s the great thing about the sliding scale – most private practices are $60-90 per session and there’s no way I could spend that versus $15-$35 per week – that’s basically one meal out.

Brent did Google how to do acupuncture at home but thankfully decided their prices were not worth the needle investment for him. Whew!!!

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  1. I had a friend do acupuncture to help get pregnant and it worked for her. If we have problems again I will try it for sure. Glad to hear positive things 🙂

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