Sunday Snaps

A few pictures from last Sunday….

We’ve been soaking up all the sunshine we can lately and loving Daylight Savings time. For Sunday lunch we ate out on the deck. She wanted me to eat on her little table with her. Pippin is a huge fan of that!!! We grilled out some burgers and dogs. For dessert we had these WhoNu? cookies that I had picked up at the grocery with some coupons. They are actually really, really good and packed with all kinds of vitamins. At Target the night before we had picked up a slightly bigger ball for her to practice soccer with. She has a serious kick!
And takes the game of ball quite seriously!
This little dress is so adorable! I got it new with tags just a few weeks ago. It’s a cute bubble shape with these big flowers on the bottom. The tights are a new thin tight Target just put out. Perfect for spring! She loved this dress so much she wore it all day – nap time, and then to church that night!
Looking all kinds of “big girl”!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Our brackets are already so blown up with some of today’s upsets. I guess I can go ahead and pack up Lilli’s thick Memphis pajamas. We won’t be needing them again! And for the first time I didn’t pick Duke going all the way, unfortunately Dad did so I think he may be ending up near the bottom with Lilli this year. She’s got some unusual picks this year that just may pan out considering how today went. Perhaps picking based on mascot may be a better method!

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1 Response to Sunday Snaps

  1. Amber says:

    I love that soccer pic. So funny.

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