The Joke is Almost Always on Us

Is there a space in her baby book for “baby’s first piece of gum?” If so, it’s time to fill it out. Gum is one of those things that makes me nervous and we’ve always told her no, but for some reason last Thursday night when she had eaten most of her dinner and was getting to pick out a piece of candy from our candy bowl, I actually told her she could have the piece of gum she wanted. She kept it in the front of her mouth and could hardly talk because she was trying to hold it in. It was hilarious and she managed to work it into conversation as much as possible. “I can’t help you with that because I’m chewing my gum.”Here’s how my little St Patty lunch for her turned out. We modified it a little and made it a sandwich (instead of a quesadilla as the Pinterest inspiration was), and grated carrots for the beard instead of melted shredded cheese. I thought it turned out really cute! When I asked Lilli what she thought of it she believed it was a cut out of me. I really hope I don’t have an orange beard no one has pointed out!!!
Thursday night when we went in to check on her she had fallen asleep with a dry erase pin in her hand and a stack of post-its beside her (you can kind of see it in the blanket). She never actually wrote on anything, and I don’t even see how she could have in the dark! Some nights she’s in there in the dark reading books, getting toys, and who knows what all else she does. Of course we thought it was hilarious but the “real” funny was the next morning when she came in to Brent and said her bed was wet. She still wears a Pull-Up at night (and I really can’t see that changing anytime soon) and sometimes they do leak. What **really** happened was that during her evening escapades she had also gotten up, thrown away her dry Pullup (which we found in her trash can), and put on underwear. And then of course soaked her bed, blankets, and stuffed animals. I don’t even see how she slept through all that. I guess in our giggles over the pen we should have done a diaper check.
Last Friday before school. Super excited about her St Patty skirt with matching dress for her bear.
What she doesn’t know is that Brent and I both took off Friday. It was the trifecta of consignment sales with several of my favorite ones all taking place on Friday. I was up early and gone before Lilli got up, went to two sales, then came home and Brent and I went to brunch at Marche. Marche is SO good and we rarely get to go there. He had the maple french toast (below) and I had an insanely good omelet stuffed with peppers, onions and mushrooms. SO good.
And then I even talked him into going to another consignment sale with me! This one was a zoo and I really didn’t care much for it. It was so wild that Brent told me I have full authority to pay full price for Lil’s clothes anytime I wanted!! I got several good things that day, some new dresses and PJs, play clothes, shoes and a few new games for her. I got Hi Ho Cheery-o and she has LOVED it.
When we picked her up we went over to Centennial Park to enjoy this beautiful weather.

The Parthenon. Centennial Park is just so pretty, and so much fun being smack in the middle of the city.
We went over to the lake and watched the ducks, then headed down the walk and over to the botanical part to enjoy the flowers. Everything is in such pretty bloom right now. Our cherry tree in the back yard is absolutely gorgeous. We had some people over for dinner and it just made the evening out on the deck!

Running around by the big train.
Afterwards we headed to Noshville for dinner, which is always a great little spot in town for pretty much anything you want, and they have a great and affordable kids menu. Of course Lilli was pretty eager to get home and see all her new toys I had scooped up at the sales earlier in the day. I’ll probably go to one more sale, hopefully find a few more play clothes, and call it a season. She already has a ridiculous amount of clothes and I really get some great deals online anyway for brand new things.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

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