This pic from Sunday was too random not to share – Brent and Lil passed a Redbox on the way into meeting me inside Kroger (they watch movies in the car for about twenty minutes and then come in and find me). She wanted to stop and look at all the movies and picked out this one – Devil Dolls – some kind of truly gruesome horror movie. She has an odd taste…..of course in her mind it probably looked like some kind of great story about baby dolls.This would be the pre-church look – hair nicely curled, bow in, necklace on.
And here’s after church – hair a frizzy mess and all accessories long gone. It’s amazing what a couple of hours of romping around can do to your appearance. I bet I’d look similar in before and after pictures!
Yes, we have a major dandelion problem again this year. Brent mowed Sunday afternoon and the yard already looks like that again this afternoon.
I think I know the origin of the issue though.
Who needs wind when you have a three year old who loves to pick “flowers”?

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