Dinner with Friends

Every day, and I do mean EVERY day, Lilli asks if a friend can come over and play. It’s not always the same friend, sometimes it’s just whoever is closest to her when I walk in the room. Or some days she will ask if she can go over to one of her friend’s houses because “they have lots of toys”. I think she’s just in that “girlfriend” phase where she loves to play with her friends and do things outside the normal church/school environment. We’ve been meaning to entertain more this year, I do love to throw a party, but it just seems like there’s always something interfering with it.

Monday night we did invite two of her best friends from church over to play. Wendy’s husband is gone on a mission trip this week to Haiti so I thought it might be nice for the kiddos to do something fun while they’re missing their dad. We had a Mexican fiesta and I made pork carnitas in the crockpot while I was at work all day. Then when I got home all I had to do was make some rice to go along with it and other easy things like chop fruit, avocado, etc.The kids. I’m pretty sure this is a “your party is so lame” look. Lilli is exactly in the middle of them age-wise. Zach just turned 4, and Audrey was 2 back in December.
A little better – at least Lilli is smiling.
They had fun playing outside in Lilli’s trampoline and she loved having other people to play in it with her. I’m also glad it’s out of my house and on the deck now that it’s warmed up and there’s more daylight (since we didn’t even have a cold winter). We also got her water table out and they splashed around in it while we socialized.
Then once it got dark they had fun with the riding toys inside, trying to figure out how to give each other rides, hopping around on Lilli’s bouncer ball and playing with some of her new games.
We had a fun night and as soon as they pulled away Lilli asked if they could come over again tomorrow. I do plan to really get into entertaining more now that the weather is so nice, but maybe not every day!!

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