Practice Makes Perfect!

Two Saturdays ago we had a wonderful summery weekend. I took Lilli next door to the playground to play while Brent mowed the yard. This was the first time I’ve had to put sunscreen on her, but at school they’ve already used it quite a few times.Before we do any Easter egg hunts we always practice some in the yard! This year she was very much into it. (But after last year I wasn’t sure she would actually participate – even though she was really into it in 2010 here and here.)
That night we went to a cookout for our Sunday school class. Lilli picked out a very summery dress and her (my old) bunny purse.
This picture cracks me up. Somehow Tim got stuck at the Kids table. Fail.
Lilli and Audrey playing with flashlights – the dark didn’t keep the kids from running around in the yard – the older ones just came in and asked for flashlights and they just kept on running.
On Sunday afternoon we did more Easter egg practice for the egg hunt coming up at church that night. I just love this little bumble-bee dress I found at a consignment sale this spring! ($5!)
This is the first year I bought her a personalized basket. I found it on Etsy and it’s an apple type basket with the embroidered liner. So cute.

Lots of fun!! My allergies have been terrible today, all this spring weather and wind seems to have made it a lot worse and I’ve felt off for several days now. Hopefully we’ll get some rain and I can avoid going to the doctor for allergies meds.

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