Regular Days

Lots of fun and completely normal days around here. We got the wagon out from the cellar, along with our other summer riding toys. Every ride is more enjoyable when snacking on a tortilla.
Scary tortilla!!!We have such a great neighborhood for walking, exactly why we love living urban. I saw a link to a website that ranks how your neighborhood is for walking and we have an 83! Compare that to our old suburban neighborhood that was in the 30’s, you really couldn’t walk anywhere except for a restaurant or two and even then there were no sidewalks. Now we can walk anywhere and everywhere, safely!
Lilli is SO into games right now! It’s a lot of fun to play with her since she’ll (usually) stick with the rules and how the game should be played. Her friends Ella and Emma from church pass down a lot of things to her (Disney clothes!Shoes!Books!) and they gave us this Brown Bear game (based on the book) and she LOVES it!
Her peas are really, really growing! This picture was from two weeks ago and it’s crazy how much they have grown since then.
We did this little craft for all her church and school friends. I think I ended up making 40 of these and had Brent buy 115 Peeps for me. It was so easy though and turned out so cute! (It’s a Pinterest thing I’d already posted the link to.)
And her Easter Egg lunch for the Thursday before Easter. I split a Lunchables into the eggs and then also put grapes and blueberries in more eggs. I can’t believe I didn’t get a final picture!
All boxed up and ready to go!
That afternoon I asked Lilli if anything was different about her lunch. She said “Um yeah, it was in eggs.” I asked her if that was pretty cool and she said “Um yeah, can I have some juice?”. Clearly she was blown away by my craftiness and appreciated all the effort I put into making her lunch fun. Clearly. Better luck next year!!

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