Days in the Life

About a month ago during nap time Lilli discovered an ant on her pillow. Brent and I were outside working in the yard and we don’t carry the baby monitor with us anymore (she knows she can’t get up until 4 – her clock tells her when it’s ok to leave her room and she can handle things herself and some days she just plays quietly in her bed and doesn’t sleep.) so we didn’t hear whatever amount of drama happened. The only fall out that has ensued is that she refuses to sleep on ANY pillow since then. We’ve swapped out pillows, killed imaginary ants, nothing will get her to sleep on a pillow again. Loving her new Batman hooded towel the Easter Bunny brought her.
Looking all cute and 1980’s before school one morning! All that’s missing is some leg warmers.
I ordered Lilli a playhouse off a good deal on I figured if she was going to enjoy something like that we needed to get it pretty soon before she outgrows them. It was a huge pain for Brent to put together.
But she’s very proud of her little house! It even has a little mailbox where we put our fake letters, kitchen sink,pretend phone and lots of little tools so she can assemble and disassemble her fence and little flower boxes.
I had a girls night out with the ladies at church recently. We went to eat at Chuy’s and do some shopping at Opry Mills. That automatically means chicken nuggies and fries for the home team!
And lots of self portrait taking.

One Wednesday night Lilli was cracking us up with an “older” girl (Vivian). She was sitting in her lap and letting her baby her.
Pretending to offer Julie some Rice Krispy treat (hardly!!)
She always gets some sort of candy and snacks in Wednesday night class. This night it was suckers and she, Audrey and Zach were most certainly entertaining the “crowds” with some sort of crazy stories.
When I picked up Lilli today one of her little best friends ran over and told me Lilli had invited her to church and she was going to come with us. And not only was she going to come with us she was going to wear her pretty Easter dress. HA! I guess she’s been evangelizing at school today!

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