Florida Adventures – Part 1

Lilli’s school was closed for spring break/teacher in-service so we decided to take a few days off and relax ourselves. We tossed around heading to Memphis or maybe Atlanta and tour some of the attractions but ultimately decided we just wanted to go somewhere and really just enjoy some downtime so we ended up renting a beach house in Seagrove, FL. It’s right next to Seaside, and halfway between Panama City and Destin.

We were excited because we got the house we wanted (after thinking at first it was booked) and made the mistake of telling Lilli too soon. For about two weeks she wanted to know when we were finally going to the beach. The week of our trip every time I turned around she had put her swimsuit on and was ready to go. The night before as we packed she was (of course) in her swimwear – and then she put it on herself Thursday morning. This was her reaction when Brent said she couldn’t wear that to school:We both left work about noon, picked up Lilli, dropped Pippin off at the doggie resort and got out of town a little after 1. Not bad! It was a LONG drive (8 hours). Lilli fell asleep not long after we got on the road which was perfect timing for her afternoon nap. That bought us a little bit of “are we there yet”. We stopped once after she woke up for gas and then for dinner right around the Florida line. She was SO happy to be out of the car, and we were close enough we let her take her Pull-up off. She’s been potty-trained for well over a year now, but for that long of a drive we wanted some “insurance” and she was NOT happy about it, going or coming.
We finally got in around 9:30 and unloaded the car. The house we rented is just a block from the beach and had its own private pool. Those were important features to me because I wanted to be able for Brent and I to have fun things to do in the house while Lilli slept, so we could just take the baby monitor out to the pool in the afternoons and not be bored or stuck in a small condo or hotel room with her. This was also a kid friendly house that had a swing, high chair, pack n play and a closet full of books and toys that Lilli LOVED. She woke up early Friday morning but played in her room for a full hour dragging out toys!
It did not take long for her to get in pool mode so while Brent ran to the nearby Publix for milk and a few other groceries Lilli and I hit our pool. It was a fantastic little saltwater pool, perfect for us with our own grill, picnic table and a ton of lounge chairs. I made use of every single one of those chairs! We saved a ton of money by making our own breakfast and lunch and only eating out at night. I also got a great deal and huge discounts off the rack rate price of the house by it being off season and fairly last minute. And since we didn’t go to any pricey theme parks or do anything other than beach and our pool (we didn’t buy a single souvenir or shop anywhere besides Publix) it was actually probably one of our cheapest vacations ever. Throw in this is the first time we haven’t flown somewhere in years and really probably was the cheapest vacation we’ve ever taken!
Our view from the third floor – just one house and some small condos in-between us and the beach!
The house also came with a wagon, beach chairs, floaties, a beach buggy and umbrella. So nice!!
The front of our house. Lilli truly believed we had moved there and she was so happy about her new house with a pool!! I wish! The landscaping was very natural and looked so nice.
The beach was wonderful! Not crowded AT ALL! It was so fantastic to have so much personal space. Seagrove is mostly residential, more rental homes than condos, so it’s just not packed out. And this was not a public beach so there really wasn’t any parking for people to drive up and come to it. So relaxing.
Seriously – hardly anyone in all those chairs!! On our last day there were only six groups of people on the entire beach!
Lilli entertained herself by digging, throwing, and jumping in, on and around all the sand on the beach.

We played at the beach in the morning and came back to the pool for a late lunch while Brent grilled us some hot dogs. She could get all over the pool in her floatie. I’ve got to get her some proper lessons though. She’s been asking for swim (I gave her the choice of swim or dance) and I need to get on it.
More Florida pics to come!

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  1. Looks like fun! I may need more info about this house. We live in Nashville too and I found you on Kelly's Korner.

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