Bathrooms and Band-Aids

So here’s a little bathroom before and after:

The before – ugly outdated pedestal sink and horrible wire shelving:

After – Pretty cabinet sink with lots and lots of drawers – it perfectly holds everything we had in there before in a lot less space!
It’s hard to see in here, but we didn’t buy anything cheap or ugly. It’s a nice piece of wood with a solid top. We didn’t go cheap because if we don’t end up moving then I want something nice that I would enjoy. I think that’s the main difference in us and the common house flipper.
It really opens up the space beside the cabinet. And the floors are super clean now! Now Brent is working on the inside of the shower. It needs all new caulk around the edges and cleaning as well. The shower head leaks so we’ll be replacing that with a new one and frosting the window. That was never an issue until the idiot painters cut back the tree outside that window way too much.The Band-Aid – Lilli bumped her head on a shelf at Home Depot and needed a Band-Aid – the only thing that could help her feel better. There was no bruise or cut or any damage done to her head. She wore the Band-Aid from Friday evening to Thursday morning. All kinds of people asked her what had happened to her and she would never tell them – because NOTHING had happened!! Finally she decided she could take it off. I’m telling you – that thing held on during multiple baths and some hot and sweaty days.

Being silly one morning at school.
Last Saturday was Brent’s birthday. I’ll post a lot more about that later. I had gone through a million different surprises for him and quoted out a ton of different parties, but in the end I decided to keep it simple. Surprise #1 was dinner out at Cantina Laredo on Friday night – an upscale Mexican restaurant downtown in the Gulch. Brent had never been there before, but I’ve been on some business lunches. It’s really nice and I knew he would enjoy that. What I didn’t tell him was that I had invited some of our friends to join us and make it even more fun. Our food was great, the service was terrible – our waiter was a total MIA – but we had a blast and laughed and laughed and laughed. And of course the kids crowded around Wendy’s Ipad and had a ton of fun together.
Lilli was completely enamored with the receipt for all my late fines at the Library. Once you hit $20 in overdue fines they cut you off so I had to go and pony up last week to pick up my latest requests. I never once had a fine before Lilli was born. It’s literally taken me 3 years to get up to this many fines!! It takes quite a while for 10 cents a day to add up!
Happy Friday!

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