Pool Party & Sesame Street Live

Back on the weekend of June 23-24th, we had a ton of activities going on. Brent spent most of the day working outside on the fence. By the end of the afternoon it looked like this:

That evening our Sunday School class had a swim party over at Tim and Wendy’s house. Mostly only the kids got in and Lilli had a blast floating around picking at the boys and playing with her friends.The next day we had tickets to Sesame Street Live for that Sunday afternoon. Lilli was not excited about wearing her special Elmo dress – so Brent showed her the pictures of her going to Sesame Street Live from last year, also not happy about her dress. That perked her up a little bit.Brent and Lilli outside the show. I’m not sure why we didn’t get one of all of us since we also went with the Hintons!Wendy with Zach and Audrey.

Waiting in the lobby to go in. After church we ate at a restaurant together in our neighborhood and got to the show about 10 minutes before it started which turned out perfectly!The show was the usual cast of Sesame Street characters. This year’s play revolved around Grover losing his superhero powers and all the characters helping him get it back. It’s full of all kinds of singing and dancing and right up preschoolers’ alley.
The entire time after Lilli saw the pictures of herself there last year all she wanted was cotton candy! Anytime we’re at an event that has it, it’s always the one thing she picks out as her special treat, so she was very excited for intermission. Her love of cotton candy has rubbed off on Audrey and they had to get some, too. She didn’t ask for any of the overpriced toys or balloons so I was more than happy to indulge in cotton candy for her special treat!It was so incredibly hot on the walk back to the car afterwards, but the girls had fun talking about the show and their favorite parts. We had parked in one of my work lots (for free) and I had stuck my badge in the window and the plastic part actually melted. We had a great time and as long as my office keeps giving us good discounts we’ll keep going for at least a few more years until she outgrows Sesame Street!

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