4-th"ish" of July Celebration, part 2

Before bed on Saturday night on the “4-th”ish weekend, Grandma read the bedtime stories for the girls after tubby time.
Eventually Cody decided that maybe he wasn’t too big to hear a story or two after all.Lilli has way outgrown the crib, but Cody and Kacey are occupying the twin beds. So Brent built Lilli a little tent/fort to sleep in using the crib mattress. She loved it. Kacey loved it too and kept asking Lilli is she could “sleep over” with her. Thankfully she kept telling her No since that room already has Brent, me, Pippin and Lilli as its occupants. Then Kacey would ask her “if she was sure” and Lilli was still say No, so Kacey would ask her if she could sleep with her again. I don’t think Lilli quite understands “Are you sure?”, but she definitely understands No!
Sunday morning the girls dresses were fairly coordinating with their patriotic themes.And once again we did not get a good picture of them together. It reminds me a lot of this year, when she also did not want to have her picture made with Kacey.
This is more the subdued angry tantrum look – pouted lips, looking away. The problem was the grass was “too crunchy” but the real problem was no nap the day before and staying up over 2 hours past her bedtime.
This one is at least….decent.
We all left after lunch on Sunday and headed home to more 109 degree goodness. We got the sprinklers going on our garden as soon as we got home but there’s not a lot you can do about temperatures that hot. A lot of my potted plants bit the dust, but some have started coming back after this week of constant rainfall we had!
And that’s some of the excitement from the 4th-ish weekend celebration!

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