I ended up taking off the Thursday and Friday after the weird, middle-of-the-week July 4th. I knew we were planning to try and stay for the fireworks, meaning we’d all be out late and likely grumpy the following morning, and then who would want to go back for just a Friday? So Lilli and I took off Thursday and Friday, and Brent took off Friday with us.

I’m not one to just sit around the house and Lilli is really in a phase where she wants other people to play with, all the time, so I asked Wendy if her kiddos would want to meet us down at the new Cumberland River/East Splash Park. They’ve really built up the East bank by us, and when we tried to go for Brent’s birthday the water wasn’t working.

We met a little before 11 with picnic lunches. The water doesn’t turn on until 11, but we figured the kids could play with the other sand, see-saw and “fake” grass features. But WOW, it was hot. I think 103-104 that day, which was quite a bit cooler than it had been. It was really pretty much miserable – all the play features were blazing hot, as in if you didn’t put a beach towel over it they could easily get a burn. They did amuse themselves by rolling up and down the fake grass hills, in the shade.

Several minutes after 11 the water finally cut on. I still don’t think it’s working quite right. There were several engineer looking people watching it and I was honestly super unimpressed. The Public Square fountains are a lot more exciting and fun, with wading pools as well. The water spray was just these little constant arches, that’s it. Good enough for the kids, but then all those concrete tiles were BURNING hot on their toes if they weren’t wet.The water would run for maybe 5-7 minutes then all cut off to cycle back through. It’s on this odd slant so tons of water would gather in the corner. It seems to me like this wasn’t exactly well designed.
But the girls had fun sitting in it and “swimming”.It really only took a little over an hour for them to be done with it and ask to go home! I think next time we may just stick with Public Square, but hey, it is free (on my tax dollars) and less than two miles from our house. Can’t complain about that!

On Friday we hit up some more water – that’s really the best thing to do when it’s this crazy hot! We headed out to the Maryland Farms Y where it was pretty much us and every housewife in Brentwood with all their kids. Lilli didn’t care though – she loves this pool and we do too!
I still need to get her some swim lessons this summer, hopefully before we hit up the Caribbean in October (our current vacation plans).

Chilling during the mandatory “bathroom” break.That evening we had our friends the Godby’s over. Lilli had so much fun playing at Serif’s house a couple weeks earlier and had been wanting to play with him again. Pippin is always excited about company.The two of them are becoming fast buds – you know they have a lot in common when he shows up as Batman and she was already dressed as Ariel.We had a great time and Lilli hasn’t stopped talking about Serif since, and always asking which house is his when we had past that direction. It’s nice having a friend just around the block that you can get together with really easily!And that was our little early July “stay-cation”. It was SO nice to have a few extra days around the house where we could do things we don’t normally have time to do!

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