Around Town

These pictures are also from early July, the weekend after July 4th.

Lilli can pretty much be found in dress-up costume, at all times. We’re very thankful for the VERY nice princess costumes some friends at church have given her.
One Saturday night we went to Target, and of course we had to have some burritos.A different day, as Sleeping Beauty again. We got some summer clearance toys at Target. This little set of $2 rocket balloons is some of the best money we’ve spent all summer. You blow them up with the little pump and then they fly all over the room making a “rockety”/firework type sound. Pippin HATES it.Flying all around the room….
And the problem with her room is the ledge. Luckily about 24 balloons came in the pack because many of them, and unfortunately all the purple ones, are now stuck up on the ledge.
For $1 we got these two little cars where you blow up the balloon and as the air comes out the car races. It is HARD to blow them up. I was trying and pretty much gagging (as is my normal thing lately…) and Lilli was trying so hard her eyes were crossing. Hilarious. Of course Brent had no trouble blowing them up.
Getting more pickets for the other half of the fence. Who needs a truck????This summer at church the book reading contest has been big business! Every Sunday and Wednesday Lilli has looked forward to picking out new books from the really nice Children’s Library we have and signing them out herself. You can tell it’s been very popular from the large stack of returns in the basket!The contest ended last week and Lilli did great! She wasn’t a “big” Top 3 winner but she did get lots of prizes. Stay tuned!!

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