Around Town

With the slightly cooler temps we’ve had lately we’ve been spending a lot more time at “our” playground next door and just enjoying being outside. One Monday night at the beginning of August Serif’s parents texted us and we met over at the playground so the kids could play.
She really needs to be in gymnastics. I’ve picked out a place near us and just need to set up an appointment to check it out. She would LOVE it. She’s really not interested in dance/ballet, which is fine with me, but this girl loves to tumble, swing, jump and pose.Somehow this is the only picture we got of Lilli and Serif. When I said we got the kids together to play, I really meant the Dads. Brent and Jeff wanted to shoot some hoops, so us ladies had a nice chat on the bench while “all” the kids played.
Later that week was the big Chic-fil-a Customer Appreciation Day, where people went out to support them and their (correct) stance on what marriage should be. And their right to even have a stance. Since it was on a Wednesday we knew we’d only have time to go at lunch, so Brent went in Smyrna near his office. It was so crowded he had to park across the street.I went to the one in downtown Nashville, at the bottom of the AT&T (aka Batman) building. The line was so long when I walked in I wasn’t even sure where the Chic-fil-a was.That night Sleeping Beauty made an appearance at church.She tried to find her Prince but I don’t think she quite understands how these fairy tales are supposed to work out.Happy Sunday!

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