This ‘n That

A bunch of random pics from August 4th – 8th…..

We found a snail outside one evening when we were playing on the deck.

That poor, poor snail. He got way more love than he probably ever wanted. We did tell her she couldn’t keep him, so he eventually got sanctuary when it was declared bedtime and time to go inside.One of the last Water Plays of the summer (at school). She wanted to wear a two piece and “show her belly” to be like her favorite princess, The Little Mermaid Ariel. Heaven help us.
Hopping on her bouncy ball into school one morning on Show n Share day. That ball is probably the most used/beloved present she’s ever been given. It’s been so loved the plastic is wearing thin and you have to air it up every day!
Sometime being a girl is not fun at all. One day she’ll enjoy all the pampering.
I had grabbed some of the (clean) bandanas Brent uses when working in the yard for a game for my Wednesday night kids class and Lilli saw them in my bag and wanted to play too. Two thumbs up for the gangsta life!So glad tomorrow is Friday!!

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