Parties, Picnics, and Mice

I’ve been a bit off the internet blogging grid this week because of this mouse in our house….

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

While more expensive than the normal mice that get in each winter, it is certainly just as time consuming! When trying to figure out what we wanted to do for our “family-moon” before the baby comes next year, we ultimately decided Disney would really be the place for Lilli to unwind and spend some extra time with us before having to start sharing us with someone else. She is so in love with all things princess, and every day she asks to go to Cinderella’s castle. We have not told her we’re going, and don’t plan to until the morning we wake up to fly out. Somehow I plan to even pack her stuff in secret. We’re working with a travel agent to get it all booked, and we don’t plan on hitting all the parks. At her age she’ll still need some nap/rest time, so we’re just going to focus (probably) on Magic Kingdom and the Animal one. We’re spending 4 night in the Disney parks and then a few nights at the beach. For this trip that should be plenty of Disney!! And the “best” part is we’ll be there for my birthday. Isn’t that every 35-year old’s dream???

Back on the weekend of the Tomato Festival we also had a Sunday School class cookout that evening. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle around our neighborhood from the festivities. It was a somewhat cool (for August) day, but they had a water slide and inflatable pool set up that all the kids loved. Later in the evening they’d run out with teeth chattering, but that never seems to stop kids! Lilli, Kylee and Charlotte playing in the pool….
We had a fun little Mexican “fiesta” theme and after eating about five bites the kids were all back in the yard running around. Lilli had fun being the “ball girl” with several of the kids playing a little softball.
The bigger girls were so sweet to push the smaller girls around on the swing-set and “mother hen” them a little. At one point we looked up and Lilli was on the bars (the far left piece of equipment) just flying through the air. That was the point I decided she needs to be in some gymnastics classes!! She had a blast playing with the girls and threw a MAJOR fit at the end of the night when it was time to go. This is Lilli and Audrey in the swings with Emilee and Addison pushing them.
Even though that was an absolutely crazy weekend between the baseball game, Tomato Festival and cookout, we were able to squeeze in a little family time for just the three of us and have a picnic at Centennial Park on Sunday. We’re trying to do as much of these “little” things as we can while we only have limited time left for just the three of us.It was such a pretty weekend that the ducks had already been well fed. We’ve figured out that the geese over here by our house don’t get nearly as much food and Shelby is a much better place for feeding them than Centennial. It is hard to beat the views and beauty of Centennial park though!
We still threw all our bread out to the ducks, even though they weren’t a bit interested.We are looking forward to this nice, long weekend!! Lilli was pretty sick last week with allergies, Brent’s allergies are messing with him this week and I’ve also had some sinus problems as well. With rain from Hurricane Isaac moving in hopefully we’ll get a chance to get some extra rest in and hopefully all have more energy next week!

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