Food and Funerals

All of these pics are from August 13th – 16th.

It is RARE that I say I’d like some Cracker Barrel for dinner, so when I do Brent jumps all over the chance. They don’t necessarily have bad food, it’s just so heavy and generally unhealthy. It pretty much reminds me of how we had put on weight several years ago!! So when I was craving some Cracker Barrel, Brent got us there stat. Lilli certainly enjoyed her mac n cheese.
She also had fun with the table game. While she didn’t understand the rules of how you should jump, she had fun and naturally won every time.And of course she loved all the toys out in the lobby. Particularly the dolls and snakes. The only downside to our visit was that they no longer sell Colts Bolts there!! What in the world???That week my grandmother died at the age of 103, very close to 104. We made the trip to West Tennessee and stayed with my parents. Lilli wasn’t too happy that Kacey and Cody didn’t come with Uncle Bruce, but she made friends with a couple of other little kids at the funeral home and had a good time reading books with Grandma while we visited with lots of cousins we hadn’t seen in ages.
The next day she even got to see her “other” grandma and grandpa at the funeral and sit with them during the service.On the way home from the funeral. The car is completely packed when Pippin comes with us – his crate takes up a massive part of the third row/”trunk” area. Where in the world is a baby going to ride???? Guess old Pippin is going to get booted to riding in the floorboard. However, he is generally quieter and better behaved than Lilli so it’s possible she may get booted to the roof.Back home and playing with the princesses.That evening was really the first time Lilli saw me getting sick in this pregnancy. Brent had run out to pick us up some dinner and only she and I were home when I started feeling bad. She was sweet and brought me a towel and stuffed animal. And then repeatedly stuck her face down in the toilet with me to have an eyewitness view of the action, while telling me about her various friends who have gotten sick at school over the years and “what color” they got sick. That really helped (not). I’ve now gone 8 days without getting sick, a new record, but still get pretty nauseated at times. Ugh. After 19+ weeks in, that’s really not fun.Happy Labor Day weekend!!! Rest, rest and rest is the plan.

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