Labor Day Weekend

We had a really nice Labor Day weekend. Nice and low key, and restful for us all. Exactly what we were needing.

That Friday night we went out to Opry Mills mall for dinner and to do a little shopping. We go there quite a bit now since they have a nice Motherhood store I can pick up some new items every few weeks in. My work dress code changed from being dressy (no jeans, ever) to being able to wear jeans every day, so a lot of my maternity clothes with Lilli are just a little dressier than what I prefer wearing now that we’re more casual. And styles have changed so I’ve picked up several new things along the way. Of course Lilli only had one store on her mind – Disney:She ended up with her “one” choice being a new Merida and Angus toy. They get you on the “value” of getting two of something. I was able to get some summer stuff on a great clearance for her for next year, and I snuck a Cinderella backpack (also a big clearance deal) into my bag to “surprise” her with for our trip to Disney coming up soon.
That Saturday morning we did a little yardwork before the rain moved in for the rest of the weekend. Brent got shrubs trimmed all around the house and we finally dug up our potatoes. All I can say about that is that our container (spray painted tires) was the cutest part of the whole thing. They were so tiny. I don’t remember what I planted, so maybe that’s all we should have expected.
Sunday was really rainy, off an on. As usual we had to pluck Lilli out of someone else’s car before going home.That afternoon she wanted to look at baby pictures and movies of herself, so we showed her a lot of her first days which she found hilarious. She absolutely loves watching video of herself, luckily we have about a million hours worth of footage!I wasn’t feeling great that day and ended up taking a 4 hour nap!! I’m not sure if it was pregnancy junk or some sort of stomach junk but I felt awful – but the nap REALLY helped!!!

More Labor Day weekend tomorrow!

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