Going Greek

Last weekend (Sept 9th) was so nice and fall-like. After we got home from church and were putting the groceries away Lilli said “It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride and to feed the ducks.” HA! It’s hard to argue with that reasoning! Brent had also bought this new “GoCam” video camera thing he was itching to try out. So he strapped it to her helmet and off they went, with high def footage of his back and Lilli’s chatter.You really can’t beat all the geese/ducks at Shelby Park. I loaded her up with our odds and ends of leftover bread and some old popcorn and they quickly gobbled it up.
I’d personally be happier if there were a few less, but until they attack it’s the best place to feed ducks locally!
We also went to the Greek Festival that day. It’s one of our favorite festivals around town and we had a lot of fun last year. It’s free to get in and everything is so affordable (including the amazing food.) It’s not too crowded to be enjoyable and the Kids area has a lot of variety. I think we spent a total of less than $30 for dinner for all 3 of us and lots of activities in the Kids zone.They have a great petting zoo – it cracked us up that they brought the exact animals from last year. You can pet and play as long as you like. Lilli could probably stay in there forever.Lots of wonderful authentic Greek music and dancing. Last year Lilli got out there and tore the floor up with her mad breakdancing skills, but at 3.75 she’s a lot more reserved than at 2.75 years old.
The playground of the church – swings, slides and all kinds of fun things to do.
We even let her do the pony ride and she was in heaven!!
Her favorite thing of the night (according to her) was the $1 jumpie. I would’ve thought it would be the pony ride but she does love to jump!
My favorite part is hands down the food!! We had delicious gyros (cheese pizza for Lilli) and then she got a $1 snowcone while we split some yummy Greek pastries drizzled in honey and powdered sugar. SO good!!
Can’t wait to go back next year as a family of 4!

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