New Blog and Dentists….

I’ve been thinking about leaving Blogger behind, but when I finally hit my storage limit on Blogger last week I knew it was time to move over to WordPress.  Supposedly there’s better features on here but I’ve yet to really figure it out and how to get pictures to really embed and look nice.  Fortunately we were also able to import the old blog into here so we didn’t lose any continuity.  And, we were needing to come up with a new name for the blog since in a few months these adventures will be more than just Lilli’s!

Back on September 10th, we went to the dentist for Lilli’s cavity to be filled.  She loves going to the dentist so she wasn’t a bit apprehensive.  We didn’t even tell her it was for a cavity, she thinks she got her teeth cleaned again.  On our way out she told me the doctor needs to get a TV and toys so she’ll be more fun, too.

Her cavity was so small (from where a molar just didn’t form properly) they didn’t even need to do any gas or anesthesia, so we were in and out in just about half an hour.

Pretty clean teeth!!

On some of these nice, cooler fall evenings we’ve enjoyed a little bit of hot chocolate after dinner.  Snow White feels even fancier drinking it out of one of my coffee cups!!

So, that’s my first real WordPress blog post.  I’m sure my formatting and spacing will hopefully get much better soon!


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