Tennessee State Fair 2012

Once again this year we went to the Tennessee State Fair back on September 11th.  Lilli has been every year so far (2009, 2010 (no link) and 2011) and hopefully as long as they keep putting off closing the fairgrounds we’ll be able to go.  This year she measured in at a whopping 38 inches! Tall enough to ride quite a few things!

We had shown her pictures of herself riding the bumblebees last year so that’s the one she ended up picking to ride this year (we just bought a few ride tickets instead of wristbands.) Unfortunately she’s tall enough to ride quite a few things but we’re too big to ride many of the kiddie rides with her and she didn’t want to go alone.  Next year we’ll just need to invite a friend to go with us.  Brent got the lucky job of riding with her since I’m preggo and can’t ride most things.








She loved riding around in the bumblebees – they pretty much go up and down and that’s about it.






I think someone else had a pretty good time too….








Of course we had to get some corndogs! We also had something called “Orange-ade” where a guy squeezed a couple of oranges with ice and grenadine.  It was SO good.






While we were eating they started doing a demonstration on milking cows at the building right beside us.  Brent ran over and elbowed a girl out of the way so Lilli could really see how milk comes from cows, and then he realized the girl he shoved out was Hayden Penattaire from the new Nashville show on ABC (in the purple hat below).   Truly, she was a **bit** overdressed for something like the fair.  I wouldn’t have even recognized her at all (since celebs just aren’t my bit) but plenty of people were noticing her and having their picture made.  They actually have a set for the show in our neighborhood and when they film the number of trailers and crew is absolutely unbelievable.








After we ate we had to hit up all the buildings with award winning animals and finally we found the petting zoo.  That’s always a fan favorite in our house….






They had some little bitty goats that were so adorable!






She said she wanted to ride all the “big” rides but I’m betting if she actually could have she would’ve changed her mind!






And no trip to the fair is complete without a little cotton candy on the way out!








Still trying to get the hang of posting over here, uploading pictures and getting them in is a bit more cumbersome but hopefully if I watch some tutorials I can get some tips for people who use a lot of pictures.  So far their platform seems best for typing and not photo-sharing.

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