Birthday Celebrations



Hopefully this post won’t look as junky as the last one, I have no clue why WordPress sometimes doesn’t like how I have pictures and text formatted.  Very frustrating.

The weekend before we left for Disney was full of birthday celebrations.  On Friday night we went to Max’s 1st birthday party.  Max is the little brother of Lilli’s church friend Hank.  Poor little guy didn’t even get to enjoy his own cake without some stray fingers of Hank, Audrey AND Lilli in it! I guess that’s the life of #2 with all the bigger kids around!






When Brent asked me what I wanted for my birthday there’s really only one thing I told him I wanted – a REALLY good cake – specifically from the place where we used to get all the birthday cakes when I worked with him at the company he’s at now.  The only problem was I told him the WRONG name of the bakery!! When he was trying to find it around their office he kept hitting dead ends and finally asked my old boss – who knew exactly the bakery I was talking about – I love, love, love HomeStyle Bakery.  Their icing is just the best, and I judge all cakes on icing.  He snapped this pic of their bakery case.








Since he knew we’d be out of town on my actual birthday, he came up with the smart plan of buying several of the small cakes for us to sample instead of a large cake.  And then he got mean and put all 35 candles on it.








Thank goodness I had plenty of help blowing out all those candles.





There’s everything from red velvet cake to a caramel cake, “plain” cake (my fave), strawberry and even a little chocolate pie.  We didn’t finish them all over the weekend so we froze what was left.






On Saturday, Brent booked me a pre-natal massage, that’s usually the only other I want and goes without saying.  I remember the days before Lilli when I could count on getting them more than once a year, but now it never seems like there’s time.  They played bubbles while I was getting my massage and then we went out to lunch afterwards.






That afternoon I went to a Pinterest party at church where several of us ladies got together and had snacks we’d seen on Pinterest and then made two Halloween crafts together.  It was a lot of fun and something we’re planning to do once a month going forward.  When I got home, Brent and Lilli had the rest of my gifts for me to open.





Brent got me several things that he had thought would be useful for our trip to Disney….of course at the time we had NO clue how useful the mini-umbrella, panchos, and thermos that keeps things cool for up to 24 hours would be!!!





No real change on my allergies/ear situation.  If anything I think I may be having a harder time hearing.  I went to acupuncture this afternoon and as soon as she put the pins in (several spots right next to my ear – very different from anywhere I’ve had pins before and it hurt a tad more just because it’s a more cartilage-y area) I could feel the congestion in my chest lift a bit and it felt so much easier to breathe! But, as soon as they came out I could feel some of that scratch come back.  It’s really crazy how all that works.  I didn’t really think they would instantly clear, and she told me in acute cases like this I probably need to come a couple of times a week to help it clear, but she also believes she can help.  I’m going back on Saturday, so hopefully between now and then I’ll have some progress with the limited medicines I’m on and maybe between medication and acupuncture something will start clearing up because I am **so** tired each day of just trying to hear what’s going on around me.  On a side note, the practice I go to has expanded and has quite a few more seats in it now.  (I go to a community practice where there’s two rooms full of comfy recliners so you’re all treated in the room together at the same time, appointments are staggered every 10 minutes and you stay as long as you like.) I am a HORRIBLE pregnancy snorer and it’s really quite insane exactly how loud I am – I wouldn’t have believed Brent if he didn’t show me video.  Once your pins go in you’re supposed to rest and most everyone (myself included) falls asleep for as long as you like, or you can tell your practitioner to wake you up at a certain time.   I usually ask to be woken up an hour later because otherwise I truly would sleep forever. When she woke me up this afternoon I noticed NO ONE has sat in the recliners around me and I told Brent later I was wondering exactly how badly I must be snoring to end up with that much personal space!
































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