Disney Day 1, Part 3: Birthday Dinner

After spending the day at Animal Kingdom we headed back to our hotel to relax for a little while before dinner.  The one thing that helped Lilli in not actually getting to go to “Cinderella’s castle” that day was that you had this great view of it from our hotel floor.  We were able to watch the fireworks they do at the castle each night from the balcony at the end of our hallway, too!








Panoramic view from the balcony of our room.  So pretty and relaxing! You can’t tell in this picture, but we could also see Epcot off to the far right from our balcony as well.



We had dinner reservations for that evening at Whispering Canyon restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge Hotel.  We were able to hop on a boat right outside our hotel and take it there (it was “next door” on the Lake).  Of course Lilli loved getting to ride the boat and was excited that all in the same day she’d been on an airplane, bus, car and boat!






The Wilderness Lodge is really very pretty and nicely done, I had briefly considered staying there because it was a good bit cheaper than the Contemporary but overall just not quite as convenient for what we wanted on this trip.  They also have one of Disney’s prettiest pool areas.








Whispering Canyon came very highly recommended to us by several people, but honestly we just didn’t care all that much for it.  It’s heralded as being a “ton of fun”, but I think after a long day that started at 4 am “quiet and secluded” would have been more up our alley.  It’s a Western theme atmosphere, where at times they have all the kids run around the restaurant on wooden stick horses, if you ask for ketchup you have to yell out to the whole restaurant and everyone has to bring ALL the ketchup to you (so one table ends up with 20 bottles – and this goes on CONSTANTLY), if you drop your fork they bring you a gigantic one and so on.  Our waitress was pretty dull, and I think that’s part of why we just weren’t that impressed, and the food was pretty bland, too.  It was just large portions of five types of meat with small portions of sides.  We’re just not massive carnivores and none of it was even prepared all that flavorfully.  The waitress didn’t even make any mention of my birthday, but all the birthday people did have to go up front at some point and do the Hokey Pokey.  Overall though, all restaurants at Disney are so crowded and just not relaxing in any way, and this was certainly right up that alley.






Afterwards we took the boat back to our hotel and were settled into our room for the evening Electrical Boat Parade.  This is a Disney tradition that (I believe) started in the ’70s.  Two flatbed boats travel around the Lake starting at 9:15 and visiting each of the Lakeside Hotels.  There are various songs and little light up images that are the same each night.  Lilli LOVED it and by our last night there could tell you what image was next.  It was definitely a bit dated but still a neat little way to end each evening.






Up next – Magic Kingdom!

Still no progress with the allergy ears.  Today I think they may be getting slightly better as a cold front is starting to work its way in, hopefully some good bouts of rain can help.  I’ve been to acupuncture and consulted with a few doctors and while this isn’t overly common in pregnancy it’s not uncommon either.  I’ve read tons of similar cases on the Internet.  With my allergies being so bad before we went to Disney (when Ragweed was in bloom) the air travel just set it off, and since there’s just a lot more fluid and swelling in your body anyway when you’re pregnant there’s just not much that can be done and I can’t take anything very strong that could be harmful to the baby either.  So, hopefully it will clear up before January but there’s also a chance it might not.  Either way I’m getting awfully used to walking around feeling like I have in ear plugs or cotton balls in my ears.  I guess this would be a good time to take up motorcycle riding or gun shooting.  It is certainly exhausting by the end of the day trying to focus and concentrate on what’s going on at work and in meetings, so hopefully it will clear up sooner rather than later.

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