Disney, Day 2 Part 3: Princesses, Rides and Parades

After watching the show in front of Cinderella’s castle we walked around the corner and Lilli saw the line to meet the latest Disney Princess, Merida, from this summer big new movie Brave.  The line was loooong, but we figured we might as well get it out of the way.  When we did finally get up to her spot she really was worth it.  She was making jokes with all the kids and really cutting up with everyone and getting into character.  Of course Lilli was in loooove






She had a great wig, it really reminded you of the movie and how vibrant her hair was.  Gotta love a red-headed princess!








Then she told Lilli to make a funny face while she posed like a bear (in the movie she turns her mother and little brothers into bears).  This one is definitely a framer!






At this point Brent and I were so tired of just standing in lines to meet people, so we convinced her to start doing some rides.   It was definitely crowded that day in Magic Kingdom, but most of the rides for her age had 20 minute or less waits, and you were moving most of the time so we skipped getting Fast Passes for them and just waited in the fairly short, often air conditioned lines.  Of course we had to do Dumbo….





And they have a cute little photo opp for posing in the Dumbo car afterwards.








We also did the Pooh ride and Peter Pan – the Peter Pan ride had a 50 minute wait so we got a Fast Pass and were able to come back after lunch and just walk right on.  And of course we did It’s a Small World.   Brent put together a lot of the ride snippets in a video of our trip I’ll post some other time.




We are just not crowd people, so we took a break from the busier area and rode a little boat over to Tom Sawyer’s Island where she could run freely and not be told to quit touching things on hanging on the ropes.  Every afternoon it rained off and on with tons of pop-up showers, and while we were over there it was raining just enough for them to delay the afternoon parade.





Once we heard the parade coming we headed back over and got an ok spot on the side.  The parades were a lot of fun because practically all the characters were in them, and if you were towards the front you’d get several high 5’s and even a few hugs.  This particular time we didn’t have a great spot, but later in the week I got Lilli and I a perfect spot where she got tons of attention!








She did have a great view – and totally loved it!






We taught her the fine art of waving big to get lots of attention!






She actually caught Ariel and Eric’s attention and they yelled out “Hi Snow White!” That pretty much made her life.






Afterwards the rain picked back up again (ugh) and we all ended up practically being drowned rats.  We’d duck into a little 3D movie here and there and a cheesy safari ride, but it was impossible not to get wet.  We saw a line forming to meet Aladdin and Jasmine so we got in that line and met a nice little family from the Bronx.  They had a 6 year old and were also expecting a baby this winter.  Their little girl and Lilli had a good time playing in the line while we waited and waited for Aladdin.

They all love to “twirl” the little girls to make for cute pictures.








It was always fun for Lilli when she got to meet both the Princess and her Prince.  Of course now she thinks ALL the Princes are coming to her birthday party (ugh!)








During one of the rainstorms we ducked into Pirates of the Caribbean.  I remember that being my favorite ride when I went to Disney as a child and now it seemed a bit cheesy – especially since they added Johnny Depp into so many of the scenes! While we waited Brent and Lilli made their best pirate faces….








It was about 4-5 pm at this point and Lilli was wearing down, and the rain was becoming more of a constant, annoying drizzle so we started heading back to our room to dry out and relax before dinner reservations.  We happened upon a little parade as we were walking back, mostly featuring some Disney tween show people, but it had several characters as well.










And this was Lilli about a half second into the monorail ride back to the hotel.  One pooped little girlie who had had the time of her life!

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