Disney Day 2, Part 4: Dinner and a Show

After Lilli got a short cat-nap in the stroller it was time for us to head out for our dinner reservations.  I had made us (what I thought) would be quick and easy reservations for a restaurant in our own hotel – that way Brent could go back to the park and Lilli and I could relax and have an early night.  Wave was a sort of “trendy” semi-upscale restaurant with all the food on the menu being sustainable and organic and all that jazz.  And I had thought with it being more of a regular restaurant it wouldn’t be all that busy but we were VERY wrong.  Even though we had reservations we had to wait over thirty minutes for our table, in the middle of this noisy, crowded, completely unrelaxing (and overpriced) restaurant.  Thank goodness we had brought the Ipad with us that night – and we weren’t the only table using the Ipad to keep kiddos restless from the insanely slow service.








Our waitress was pretty much non-existent, and the tenderloin that I ordered Medium came out Rare, and Brent’s skirt steak also ordered Medium came out Well Done.  Mine was so Rare Brent wouldn’t let me eat it and so we swapped and I really didn’t want what he had ordered.  In a normal situation we would’ve sent the food back and gotten what we had actually asked for, but they were so ridiculously slow we just wanted to leave and get on with our life (but we did show our waitress who could’ve cared less and really did nothing to make the situation better).   The best part was Lilli’s dessert – a build your own Mickey Mouse Sundae, and they actually had tofu-based ice cream she could eat.  Needless to say, we were just happy to leave that restaurant and Wave will NOT be only list of recommendations from us!








At this point we split up for the evening.  Brent headed back to the Magic Kingdom to ride some “big” rides.  The rain was a constant light drizzle, and he came back soaked that night! Space Mountain was down for repairs, but later in the evening the park was practically deserted and he was able to ride things over and over again with no wait.





He saw the evening fireworks from within the park and Lilli and I watched them from the Hotel Terrace in our PJs.








Brent also captured his fun on Splash Mountain, in what has now become an almost infamous Facebook picture about how he “went back to the park but was missing his girls”.  I can really tell we were missed…..








Lilli and I also watched the evening Electrical Water Parade from our terrace.  It was nice just to have some down time in the hotel room watching cartoons and hanging out.  She and I also did some shopping in the gift shops in our hotel.






Brent stayed at the park until it closed for the evening and we were just getting ready for bed when he came back.  Next up – Hollywood Studios!

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