Disney Day 4, Part 1: Characters and Characters and Characters

Before we went to Disney I told friends who knew we were going that Lilli would be more than satisfied with the trip if all she did was meet her beloved movie characters (primarily princesses).  And that was so true for her, that’s really the main part of the trip she still talks about, even though she really did enjoy the rides (most of them) a lot.

Our first day at Magic Kingdom we did meet a lot of the characters but also rode most of the rides she was big enough to do and watched several shows, but Magic Kingdom had so much for her that we just didn’t get to see everything in one day.  We chose to skip Epcot entirely – even though they had some Nemo things she would’ve loved (and Snow White attractions) overall it just seemed a little too old for her, and spending a second day at Magic Kingdom was the best choice for us.

We got really lucky when we walked in because Snow White was headed to do a little meet and greet right by the front area.  We had tried to find her earlier in the week but never did (it would have been so cute to have her picture with SW on the day she was wearing her SW outfit!!).  And since she was just walking into place we were first in line to meet her.






It was a great way to start the day!









As we headed towards one of the areas we hadn’t finished exploring earlier in the week one of the little impromptu shows started on Main Street.  In various parts the singers/dancers mingle with the crowd and everyone around us was obviously not English speaking so Lilli got a lot of attention from them.  Since she was clueless who these people were she really just wanted to share her Snow White experience and Snow White water bottle with them.  So they had to pretend to be interested.











On our way through the park we also caught Peter Pan doing a signing, so we waited in that short line, put on our sunscreen for the day, and posed for pictures.  He was really funny and joked around with all the kids (exactly what you’d expect from PP).









From there we got in the miserable line to meet the Fairies.  And by miserable I mean we waited in line for a full hour to meet Tinkerbell and her sister.  At least it was indoors and air conditioned, but an hour was just insane.  Lilli was SET on meeting them though, so it really wasn’t something we could talk her out of.  While we were in line Brent ran and got us some ride fast passes for her favorite things she wanted to do again (Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh), so that did save us time for later in the day.

When we finally got back to Tinkerbell Lilli was in a weird, weird mood.  All the waiting made her very strange and at one point she was just bouncing around the room.








They honestly could’ve had some better lighting in there…..









And Tinkerbell’s new sister.  This movie just came out so they were really promoting her.  It’ll probably be something Santa brings this year.








Weird mood, weird pose.








After all that waiting we burned off some energy (Lilli’s) running through the Swiss Family Robinson tree-house  and then caught the Tiki Room show.  Now THAT was weird.  All these strange animated birds performing old show tunes.   But it was air conditioned and we got to sit down.  But it was strange…..







From there we were heading back to grab some lunch and walked up on Cinderella’s step mother and evil step sisters.  By far, if I ever get to be a character at Disney I want to be one of these three.  You can tell they get to make the most fun poses and really show some “attitude”, which I’m sure comes in quite handy when you’re talking to strange kids all day.







Checking out the spider bow Lilli was wearing that day.  Since it was Halloween party day, she was wearing the Boo shirt and skirt set I had made for her from an Etsy site.  The “B” in Boo was Mickey Mouse ears and it turned out so cute.






Pose #1







Pose #2






From there we rode Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh and headed over to grab some lunch.  At that point Brent realized he’d lost my key-card.  The cards you get at check-in are basically your everything in the park.  You can use them to charge meals, buy things in the gift shop, they’re your admission tickets, room cards and what you use to get Fast Passes.  Basically it’s as important as your ID at the airport.  We guess it probably fell out of his pocket pulling out the PhotoPass card for the stepsisters, but considering how important it was he went straight back to the front to have the old one canceled and a new one made for me for the rest of the trip.  Luckily no one charged anything on it.

After lunch Brent took Lilli on her first rollercoaster – the Barnstormer.  It was the only “coaster” she was big enough for, and her face when they came off told me everything – she was not a fan.  We’ve got hilarious video to share later from our Disney trip video.







Then the two of them drove the “race” cars.  She loves to pretend she’s driving so she had a lot of fun with this one too.  (Neither of these are safe for pregnant moms.) He’s got some cute video of that one, too.









Up next – the rest of our last day at Disney!!










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