Disney Day 4, Part 2: Parades and Princesses

After we had ridden a few more rides – including being stuck on Peter Pan for at least 15 minutes when the ride broke – it was time for the afternoon parade.  Brent headed off to ride Space Mountain while Lilli and I worked our way over to the parade route in search of a good spot.  By this point in the week I’d learned our personal secret to parade success – wedging yourself in-between people who a)were seated on the ground and looked too lazy to stand and b)surrounding yourself with people who probably didn’t speak English so they were a bit clueless as to what was fully going on.  This particular afternoon we were able to achieve both those goals and Lilli got SO much love from the characters.
But OH MY – it was hot!! A guy behind me was talking about the heat and checked the temp on his I-phone – it was 95 degrees with a “feels like” of 109.  I completely believed it.  There were no shade-clouds that day and my fingers had been swollen up like sausages that entire day.  I was totally feeling it and made sure to drink a ton of water and stay hydrated.









When the parade got started I made sure to tell Lilli to stick that arm out there and scream for as many characters as she could.  She was ALL about it.  The parade started out great for her with Goofy running right over and just scooping her up.  That really energized her to make some noise.









Then Lilo and Stitch were right behind them.  I really don’t know if that’s a show or movie or what, and Lilli doesn’t have a clue who they are either but it didn’t matter a bit.  The other hand was the kid sitting on the ground next to her who never got up.  If you want some attention you gotta get off your bottom.  His mom kept yelling at him to get up but he never really got the hint.









The wolf from Pinocchio.









And Captain Hook came right over to her…. I seriously think I have about 500 pictures of that kid’s hand.  Being a cute little girl also helps your odds, instead of being a nine year old boy.








Princess float going by….The floats were all so pretty and a lot of of them were decorated for fall.  Being as close as we were I didn’t get many good pictures of them from my Iphone.








When Brent was done with his ride the plan was for him to make a bee-line over to where Prince Eric and Ariel sign autographs.  They’re only on their pavilion periodically and we’d missed catching them earlier in the day.  Since they are Lilli’s favorite we didn’t want to miss them.  Brent ended up getting us the second spot in line for them, and when we met back up with him after the parade they were **supposed** to be coming out about 15 minutes later.  15 minutes turned into nearly 45 because Prince Eric wanted to wear a certain cape and had to go back to where-ever his capes are stored.  Maybe he should be called Princess Eric instead.

By this point we were so, so, so, tired of waiting in line for them.  Excessive line waiting causes Lilli to erupt into a seriously strange mood.  When they FINALLY came out she jumped all the way up to see them.  They actually thought that was really funny and started hopping around themselves.







She was so thrilled to meet Prince Eric.  This would be when all the strange requests came from her.







She invited Prince Eric to her birthday party and noted that he did not come last year (we hired Rapunzel and Ariel to come to her daycare and surprise her).  Naturally he accepted.  (Thanksssss, because she STILL reminds me he is coming.) Then she invited them to the hospital to come and see her new baby, when she’s born.  And told them they could hold her.  She’s not allowing many people to hold the new baby, so this was a spot of high honor.  She doesn’t mention that as much, which is good, because I REALLY can’t see myself hiring characters to come to the hospital.  That would be a new level of crazy that would probably earn us our own reality show.







The sheer silliness going on didn’t exactly result in a great picture, but it does capture the mood!








Hugs for her favorites….







At this point Lilli was tired and asked to go back to the room (it was probably close to 4:30).  Since we had tickets to the Halloween party that evening and knew we’d be out late we were more than happy to head back and cool down.   On our way back out Brent saw the spot where he’d seen Sleeping Beauty earlier and the crew member said she would be out in less than 5 minutes.  There was no line so we waited to meet her.  Lilli was completely in awe that she kissed her autograph and left lipstick in her book.







She was so tired and sweaty at this point this was the best we could do for a picture!!








We were glad to get Sleeping Beauty because that only left us missing Princess Tianna, who as Lilli says is her “third favorite princess”.  So we promised we’d find her that night at the Halloween party (jinx).  We headed back to the room to relax for a few minutes and for Lilli to change into her Halloween costume for the party – which was one of the main things I was looking forward to on our trip (double jinx) and what had promised to be an awesome way to end our Disney theme park experience (triple jinx).
Up next – the Terrible, Horrible, Actually Quite Scary Halloween Party, also subtitled the only time at Disney where I very nearly almost broke down in a mess of sobbing, hormonal tears (which is actually quite impressive).

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