Disney Day 5: The Pool and Heading Out!

All week long Lilli had been asking to go to the pool – we had an amazing view of it from our room and it really did look like a ton of fun.  I had hoped we might go one evening, but most nights it was raining or we had late reservations, so we decided to hit the pool for a few hours before check-out time on Friday morning.
The last surprise Lilli had at Disney was a swim cover-up from Minnie Mouse.  I scored it for $4 !!! at the Disney store on clearance before we left Nashville.









I’m pretty sure she’s preparing for the life of a teenage girl – stretching out her Rapunzel beach towel while wearing her Ariel swimsuit.  We are all up in the Disney life.







The pool are open all the time, and lifeguards are on duty for a large part of the day.  When the lifeguards officially come on duty they have kids already there playing turn on the fountains with some of Sorcerer Mickey’s wands – they really do think of all the details!








Our particular pool had a water slide (Brent enjoyed that) along with several fountains and other water play areas for little kids along with Ping Pong and other games nearby.  There was a second pool right on the bay just a few feet away along with a “beach” area with sand and a volleyball court.  It would be a fantastic place to spend a quiet day if you were staying at Disney a full week.








Of course Brent had a ton of fun just playing with his new GoPro camera in the water.  It’s totally waterproof and he and Lilli had a lot of fun tossing it around in the water.








She kept calling Disney her new home and asking if we could stay forever.









Nothing about Disney is cheap, so we soaked every last minute up and checked out right at check-out time.  It was certainly hard to say good-bye to this view!







We had SO much fun at Disney, even though it’s incredibly tiring it really is pretty magical.  They think of every detail and really do have some amazing customer service.  I really wouldn’t have taken Lilli any younger than she was, there’s just so much waiting and complete departure from anything that resembles a routine that I’d probably slit my wrists before I’d take a baby or toddler.  And while she was too young/small for a lot of the rides there was plenty she could do and she really and truly just enjoyed the experience and atmosphere so much.  The magical thing about a preschooler is just how much they believe in the characters and just soak it up completely.  She still talks about it every single day and probably will for a LONG time to come!

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