Disney/Beach Vacation Day 5, Part 2: Daytona Beach

For the “relax” part of our family-moon we headed to Daytona Beach for a few days.  I really wasn’t sure if we would do Sea World or not, but we were so crowd/theme-parked out by Friday we decided to skip it and go ahead and drive out to the beach once we checked out of Disney.  If I had known that ahead of time, I would’ve booked us on the nicer side of the ocean at Clearwater, but since Daytona is so close I already had reservations for us there.

We stayed just outside the main part of Daytona in a more family-friendly area (I was very glad of that).  Daytona was fine, but it’s just not our place or somewhere I would return in the future.  I don’t care for cars driving up and down the beach all day long about two feet behind our family beach-spot or all the people riding bicycles up and down the main part either.  Once Lilli was nearly run over by a bicycle, and honestly it just seems a bit ridiculous to even have to warn your kid to look both ways walking back and forth from your chair to the water.  Plus there were a lotta rednecks – and since most of them were wearing Titans shirts I can totally say that.  We’re just Seaside people now.







Even though it’s not my favorite beach destination, there weren’t a lot of people there and that was nice.  When we arrived Friday afternoon it was really overcast so we mostly had the beach to ourselves and we really felt like it was about to rain any second but somehow it did manage to go around us.








Lilli was a lot braver in the waves this time than she was back in April in Seagrove.  The water was very shallow and you could go pretty far out before it became too deep for her.  The up-side of the crazy warm temps in October was that the water felt great!






We stopped at a little beach shop on the way in and bought a cheap net and a couple of sand buckets for her to play with.  Since we were flying we couldn’t bring any of that stuff with us, and when we left we left it behind at the hotel with the rest of their sand bucket collection.   We saw a lot of little fish but were never fast enough to catch any.








This beach also had a TON of birds.  Not my favorite thing either, especially since many a jokester would run up and down the beach all day chasing them and making them fly into people.   Lilli is also in a “feather phase” so just picking them up constantly is a gross battle we had to fight.








Later that evening we drove into Daytona Beach for dinner.  We ate overlooking the beach and spent a few minutes walking up and down the boardwalk, but it was really pretty sketchy and seemed rough so we didn’t do that for long before we headed back to our hotel.  The whole Boardwalk experience made us really glad we’d decided not to stay in the heart of Daytona Beach.









The rest of our trip should go by pretty fast on here (how many beach pictures can there be???) and hopefully the old blog can be caught up soon! There’s a LOT going on here – new carpet will be installed a week from tomorrow meaning there’s a ton of cleaning out going on upstairs in the baby’s room, and we’re also having carpet installed in our bedroom because we’ve just never been happy with the way the floors turned out in there.  We’ve already thrown away trash cans and trash cans of junk from upstairs and the attic, and taken two completely full car loads to Goodwill and there’s a third load sitting by the back door.  It feels GOOD to purge.  The tax deduction will also feel amazing.  Outside of just those rooms we’re going room by room and getting rid of things we don’t use and I love being able to just open drawers without things getting wedged and stuck, and by January there won’t be junk on every surface of this house.  Besides just cleaning out the upstairs room, Brent will have to install baseboard on the newer wall we built when we installed the new staircase and have to repaint the ceiling up there.  There’s also some minor work that will have to be done in our bedroom before carpet can go down, too.  And then the following Saturday Lilli’s new bunk beds will arrive and we can transition her bed back to a crib and really get going on the nursery! With 9 weeks to go it’s probably about time!

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