Disney/Daytona Vacation Days 6-8: Beach, Pool and Planes

We woke up (fairly) bright and early on Saturday morning and after breakfast headed down to the beach.  We reserved two chairs and an umbrella for the day and were hoping for lots of sunshine.








We splashed around in the waves and tried to catch fish with the net and dig up crabs (no luck on either).








Around lunch-time more pop up showers rolled in so we grabbed some lunch while the rain passed, but the rest of the day was off and on showers.  Like every kid in America, Lilli just wanted to play in the pool and was totally done with the beach, so she and Brent went back and forth to the pool all afternoon while I went back and forth to the beach in-between showers and enjoyed some alone rest time.








Sunday morning was a bit overcast but it cleared up fairly quickly.







Lilli was only interested in the pool, so went ahead and checked out and stayed at the hotel for a while enjoying the sunshine.  She wanted to try to swim like a “big girl” so we worked with her and showed her how to go under the water and hold her breath.  I think with some lessons she’d really pick it up fast.








We wanted to do some cute maternity pictures on the beach but Lilli had no interest so we didn’t really get any cute shots from this trip.  I was right around 24 weeks when this picture was taken.







Splashing around one last time..






From there we grabbed some lunch and headed back towards Orlando.  We were staying at an Embassy Suites near the airport so after we settled in we hit up there pool for a few last hours of sunshine.  We loved Embassy Suites – I don’t think we’d ever stayed at one before but we’ll definitely consider them in the future.  Our room had a nice little living room and then our bedroom, so we all had plenty of space.  We only stay at Hilton properties to build points, so we’ll be watching for more of these.









I think we had about a 9:30 am flight the following morning so we didn’t have to get to the airport to incredibly early.  I did have an absolute scare in the security line – I always walk through with Lilli and they don’t wand us as much as others, so Brent is always lagging quite a bit behind us, but I still have to manage Lilli, the stroller and all our check on stuff – including our tons of camera equipment and laptop.  In all the confusion of grabbing our things I didn’t end up with my Iphone.  I knew I had taken it out of my pocket and put it in a bin, and I knew I hadn’t put it back in a bag because I always keep it in my pocket when we’re traveling so I can hear it better.  I’m so glad I realized it was missing instantly because I was able to stop them from taking the bins back to the front of the line while we tried to find it, and ultimately found it way down in the stack of “empty” bins.  I think some other over-eager traveler had stacked their empty bin on top of mine while I was still gathering my things.  I was just happy to have found it fairly quickly!








We had one last Snow White sighting at the airport.









The only way to travel – thank goodness for the Ipad!! Now we can all enjoy some quiet time on the airplane.









We had an uneventful flight back and poor Pippin slept for about three days after we got back.  The temperature was literally 40 degrees less in Nashville when we landed than it had been in Orlando due to a cold front! Our house was freezing when we got back and we had to turn the heat on and find some long sleeves.







We had a great trip and are definitely looking forward to taking both girls in a few years!

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