Movie Date

The day after Oktoberfest (October 14th) we met up with friends for Lilli’s first movie “date” to see Hotel Transylvania.  The timing worked out great for us to hit the matinee right after church.  Popcorn for lunch, yes please!

We saw Hotel Transylvania for a great “Halloween” movie for October.  While we never made the pumpkin patch, decorated outdoors for Halloween or even bought pumpkins, we can cross a Halloween movie off the fall bucket list!

Lilli is such a light weight she had to sit on the edge of her chair so it wouldn’t fold up on her.  It didn’t seem to bother her, which was good because the chairs at this particular theater were a bit deeper so it wasn’t as comfortable for us to keep a leg across her chair like we normally do so she won’t fold up!









It was really a cute movie and wasn’t scary at all.  From the initial previews it was a bit hard to tell if it might have some scary elements (since it is all about the monsters staying at the Hotel) but reviews and recommendations from other friends had made it seem like a really cute, light hearted movie which is totally was.  It was actually a lot less intense than most Disney princess movies, and really didn’t have any scary elements in it.  Lilli’s favorite part was the “human” trying to take his contacts out and she spent days pretending to take her own eyeballs out.  She also learned all about the different types of monsters (vampires, Frankenstein, etc) and got excited anytime she saw one of those types of characters throughout the rest of the holiday season.  In the movie they reference several times that vampires say “Blah Blah Blah” a lot as a joke, so anytime she saw a vampire she’s ask us if we knew what they said.  It’s so funny how often she’ll repeat movies and books now.









After the movie we asked Lilli and Serif to pose like the monsters in the movie.  Serif did a great job, Lilli was a bit more like a hunchback, which never appeared in the movie.  Not really sure what she was doing!!








She was not happy to leave her buddy, so the picture we always try to get of us with the movie poster turned out less than stellar, but we did get one!









We had a great time and plan to “chaperone” her on lots of future movie dates.  In fact, we may ALWAYS chaperone her on movie dates for the next 20 years.

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