Cleaning Up & Fun Times with Friends

Some pictures from October 15-20……
The new show “Nashville” has been shooting all around our neighborhood and downtown the last few months.  We’ve downloaded it but haven’t watched it yet, but odds are pretty decent you’ll probably see us or our house in it sometime considering how many times we’ve been caught up in the production.  This sign was on Lilli’s daycare one day when they had all their trailers blocking off the parking lot next door.








We started getting ready for little sis’s arrival.  The first thing to do was start clearing out the attic of old junk to make room for things that won’t be able to stay in the extra room anymore.  In doing so, Lilli wanted us to get a few things out for the baby for her to play with.  She’s surprisingly not that much bigger than her old carseat!!









And she can actually sit in the Bumbo!! That girl has one skinny bottom.









That Saturday we invited some friends over for dinner.  It was a pretty day and we opened the windows and let some fresh fall air in while we cleaned up the house a bit.  Lilli was happy to help vacuum with our new Dyson!  It is so light-weight and easy to use!









Lilli wanted to dress up like a witch for her friends and Audrey came in Halloween colors so they blended right in together! I had bought a few special Halloween treats for the kids at the grocery store and they had a lot of fun with the vampire teeth suckers & Pop Rocks I bought them.







All the kiddos playing together with their treats…and probably slipping Pippin some.  He always loves when other kids who don’t have a dog come over – they REALLY love giving the dog all kinds of treats!







They all had a great time playing together in Lilli’s room while the adults had fun talking and shooing them away.








So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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