Halloween Parties and the Free Zoo

Some pictures from October 21st – 26th…..

One Sunday morning after church……once these girls were finally tall enough to work the water fountain themselves it’s just never been the same….








That Sunday night was the Kids program Halloween party.  They played special games and had special activities during their class and then got to do a parade for all the adults and we had a big pizza party for everyone.  When I told Lilli she got to wear a costume that night she just looked at me – considering she wears costumes a LOT that really wasn’t anything new or different – so I had to explain to her that EVERYONE would be in dress up clothes and it was a whole new ballgame!









We just took video of her turn in the parade.  Each kid got to go up and tell everyone what they were into a microphone.  She got all kinds of weird and made strange noises and wouldn’t really say much of anything so it’s not worth uploading!!








She was in an overall weird mood that night – she sat with some of the bigger girls and for some reason hid behind Emma when it was picture time.








Yup – there she is being a stinker!! She loves Emma and her Sleeping Beauty costume (as well as several of the others) are from Emma and her little sister Ella.









Getting a hug from her Sunday school teacher Mrs Mollie.








Later that week on Friday night we went out for dinner and then stopped by Petsmart, aka the Free Zoo.  It was a day where the temperatures (literally) dropped about 40 degrees as a cold front moved in and Pippin had seemed really stiff that evening so we stopped to get him some pills to help with hip/joint, and let Lilli “play” with the animals.  A trip to Petsmart can be hours of fun for kids.  She always loves watching all the fish.  The real shame here is that she has two fish she absolutely never pays attention to.  In fact, she still thinks she has five fish even though three died months ago – that’s how much love they get.  I will never, ever buy fish again.









The birds.  Not a big fan of them (me, not Lilli).  Every classroom in Lilli’s school has a pet (her room has a very friendly guinea pig) and one of the baby rooms has a bird in it.  I really, really hope our baby is not in that room!! I have nightmares of it pecking the new and defenseless baby’s eyes out.








And of course the cats.  I really miss having old Buzz Lightyear on our porch.  Every once in a while we’ll see him around the block where he’s moved on to.  If I could somehow get am outdoor cat who would just stay on the front porch like he did I would.  Last winter was the only winter we never had mice in this old house and I think he may have something to do with that.  We’ve already seen signs we may have some again this winter.  Ugh.







Catching up on the blog slowly but surely!!

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