A Few of our Favorite Things – Lilli

We’ve already gotten the request for Christmas shopping suggestions from the family, so following are a few thoughts.  We really don’t need anything at all this year (except a personal chef, handyman, house-cleaner and a few of those things).  And we REALLY don’t need anything large.  With the addition of a new person in our house in January space is getting tight and we’ve done a very good job cleaning out space hogs, so the goal is not to add anything new like that this holiday and birthday season!

Lilli – that girl doesn’t need a THING. 

We have enough Barbies to last her until she’s well past Barbie playing age.  We don’t have a lot of Barbie clothes (other than the outfit each one came in), so that would be fine. 

She really loves to draw and do arts and crafts right now.  We have plenty of markers, crayons, etc but she can use more coloring books, stickers, glue sticks, paints, tape (she LOVES having her own roll of Scotch tape in her room) and any side accessory like that or craft kit from Michaels.  She also really likes the various “magic” type books and we go through those very quickly in church (Target and Cracker Barrel are where I typically pick those up).  Anything like that with a pen that colors the books, or other small sticker/activity books are good for church.  On a side note, we really don’t like the Color Wonder stuff.  It’s kind of a pain and usually comes with glitter that shakes out all over the place.

Disney – We basically have every princess ever produced by the Disney store.  Some of them we have more than one of, because according to her “you can’t have enough princesses”.  What she doesn’t have are many of the princes, like Prince Eric or really any of them.  Most sets just come with the girl, so she really only has one or two individual princes to play with.  Even something like the King Triton doll or others besides the princesses would be something she’d get excited about.  She also loves to dress up, and plays with dress up clothes every day practically.  I’ve been able to get her most of the princesses costumes cheaply from hand-me-downs or consignment, but she doesn’t have Rapunzel or Merida.  

Shoes – I have mostly been able to buy her shoes at consignment sales, but the bigger she gets it seems the more kids wear them out and they’re harder to find.  She needs a GOOD pair of sneakers and also some plain black Sunday shoes.  Target is not on my list of good shoes anymore for sneakers – I bought a $20 pair there that lasted for less than three weeks before the velcro broke and they looked awful.  She’s just entering size 8 Toddler for shoes, normal width and everything.  (She has the world’s tiniest feet!!) We don’t need any clothes at all.  She has enough clothes to never wear the same thing twice practically!!

Books – She always loves reading and this winter we’ll be working on starting to read more, so beginning reader books would be good.  She also likes any kind of learning type stuff – science kits, etc.  We have a million puzzles and games, so nothing like that.

Magazines – I already get her a couple of Disney magazines, but I’m sure she’d like the Jr versions of National Geographic (Ranger Rick, etc).  She gets really excited when they come each month for something new to flip through.

Tickets – We go to Regal cinemas (she loves the big movies!!) and any other tickets/passes for things around town would be fun.  We have a membership already to the Science Center.

That’s all I can think of for Lilli – but truly there’s a not a thing she needs at all this Christmas!!

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