Halloween Fun

The last couple of days before Halloween we did a few things to celebrate the season.  October was just a crazy month for us, between being gone over a week to Disney/Florida, I was so stinking sick the entire month that our motivation for a lot of our usual Halloween activities just wasn’t there (and besides we were also quickly trying to start cleaning out the upstairs and attic to make room for Abbi!).

Normally we’ll do quite a few little Halloween crafts (especially with the help of Pinterest!), but this year we only did one craft night.  I had bought some little wooden masks at Michaels and we painted those.  I had also bought a little magnetic ceramic Frankenstein that we painted.  Next year we’ll just be twice as crafty.










The night before Halloween we made our annual roll-out Halloween sugar cookies.  This has been an annual tradition for us ever since her first Halloween when she was just ten months old (last year’s post links to all the other years’ pictures and has a picture of our first year baking together – the pictures end up looking weird in the way WordPress imported all our old Blogger posts, so excuse that).  We may end up missing other important tradition like pumpkin patching, but it’s not acceptable to miss out on cookie baking!!







She really did practically all of it except rolling the dough herself this year.  She’s made these so many times she knows just what to do, and even how to carefully flour everything and lift out the cut-out cookies onto the Silpat.







Of course her favorite part is always the SPRINKLES!!







And we had to compare who got more flour on their bellies.  I think she still won that contest, even though I should have the clear advantage.







Sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles.







Until she gets bored of that and just goes the direct route of inhaling them.







Somehow I managed to never get a picture of the finished cookies.  I iced the majority of them (we always make three trays, let her sprinkle one, leave one plain and ice the other with homemade frosting).  We took some to her teachers the next day and enjoyed a lot of them ourselves!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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