Halloween 2012

For Halloween, Lilli’s daycare had a special “pajama day”.  That’s actually (I’m sure) a lot easier on the teacher than having to deal with kids in costumes all day, and I wouldn’t have wanted her to get her costume dirty, anyway.  She has several pairs of really cute Halloween pajamas, but due to “peer pressure” from her little friends she absolutely had to wear something princess-y.  So she ended up wearing one of her Ariel pajamas that’s really cute with little tu-tu fins.  She brought little goodie-bags for her friends with some candy and toys, and we made little goodie bags of homemade cookies for her teachers.










As we were walking in the door that afternoon she announced she no longer wanted to be Sleeping Beauty but wanted to be Ariel instead.  She has two Ariel dress up costumes, but both are a bit chilly and her Sleeping Beauty dress up costume is her nicest, so I quickly explained that people give more candy to people dressed like Sleeping Beauty and she was fine with sticking with the original plan.  Halloween was saved.  I fixed her hair like a “princess” and even let her wear some make-up.







We headed out just as it was getting dark.  It was such a chilly Halloween, it really was a shame to have to wear jackets with costumes!! This was also the first year Brent and I didn’t dress up, and we had no family costume.  I felt terrible about that, but feeling terrible the whole month of October and just having so much to do getting ready for the baby just really jumped ahead of decorating and dressing up for us this year.









For weeks Lilli had talked about going around and getting candy, and naturally on the big night she just froze up.  Wouldn’t talk to anyone, wouldn’t say Trick or Treat or even Thank You.  At least she’s cute so people didn’t really seem to mind, but spending a cold evening trick or treating wasn’t really my favorite priority considering I had tons of candy at home I could just sit and eat with a lot less work than this!!







After visiting quite a few houses Lilli just wasn’t warming up to people.  She wanted the candy but without all the work.  So when we stopped to take her annual picture with the “creepies” at a restaurant near our house we texted Serif’s parents to see how close they were.  They were just a couple of blocks behind us so we decided to back track and see if Lilli would have more fun trick or treating with a friend.









And that totally did the trick.  He was all about it so she started running right along-side him and all the shyness was gone. A superhero and a princess – quite the match!









Since they are just SO big and all grown up, and have practically no use for us, they’d even hold hands and cross the streets together.







Running and Running and Running.  At this age I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to keep up with them.







They got a lot of candy, and were so great about remembering their manners and occasionally calling each other out on it.







About a mile and a half into the loop we were doing Princess Lilli started getting tired and worn out from walking, as princesses are prone to do.  She rode on Brent’s shoulders for a few houses before we started cutting back up the streets to our house.  Our last trick or treat stop was the house behind us, and of course we had to get a picture of the kiddos with the neighborhood inflatables.  That’s a tradition that both us and the Godby’s have, which is really pretty funny.  I think a lot of neighborhood kids actually stop there for photos.












When we got home, even though it was a bit past her bedtime we would be awful parents if we didn’t let her pick out two pieces of candy to eat in her warm tubby.  She got quite a nice haul of assorted loot that we’re still snacking on.








We’ve had a great but so tiring day!! Lilli’s bunk beds came this morning – our window was from 12:30-2:30 and they showed up at noon, as we were still trying to rearrange her furniture which led to one giant mess of stuff in her room since we weren’t really able to get things where we ultimately wanted them before the beds arrived.  The furniture company assembled them but then Brent and I spent literally all afternoon rearranging her furniture, rehanging and anchoring things, moving some things she’s outgrown upstairs for Abigail, and getting rid of other stuff we just don’t need.  Her room probably looks the best it has since we brought her home from the hospital, and everything is all neat and organized, dusted and clean.  We still have to order her some new bedding, we ran out last night just to get her some basic sheets so she could sleep in it, but the only bedding I’ve seen at all the places we’ve shopped that I actually like is at Pottery Barn Kids.  She is loving her new beds and is already conked out fast asleep.  I’ll have Brent take some nice wide angle lens pics of it tomorrow.  Now we just have to get Abbi’s room in shape!!


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