A Few of our Favorite Things – Brent and Rachel

For the two of us, most of the things that we “need” this year are more like joint present stuff.

One of the things we’ll need is a new stereo for Abbi’s room.  We have something like this (just 4 years old now) for Lilli’s room and we use it every single day.  We use all aspects of it from the radio, to CD player (for lullaby music every night and “fun” CDs other times) and the Ipod/Iphone doc for streaming other music at times.  It’s definitely gotten its use and been very handy to have nice music playing while we’re in there since we don’t believe in TVs in childrens rooms.

We’d like some kind of upright freezer for the garage.  We have our (very) old fridge in there now, but the fridge part no longer works, so basically we’re just paying for electricity for the top part of the freezer.  Due to space, upright is better for us and I don’t particularly want the one I linked to, that’s just an example (since it had horrible reviews).  It will be really handy for hopefully keeping a few more frozen meals in there to use once the baby comes.

We need a little card table for upstairs (again, not sold on this one – just an example of a nice square size that would seat 4 if we needed to).  Since most of the upstairs is being converted to nursery/play space, Brent is losing most of his art space so we’ve had to take apart the old kitchen table we had up there for him for framing.  That’s fine since it’s not something he did every day but a card table would be very handy for popping up and down as he worked on photography projects, and would be handy if we ever had more people over than we can seat since kids are starting to take up a lot more room in our house now when we have dinners!

Brent’s office installed a ping pong table and some other things to help employees “relax” and be more creative and active in their break times.  He plays ping pong most days and asked for some new paddles/balls.  The ones the company provides gets used a lot, and balls are constantly being lost so the guys he typically plays with provide their own and he said his are getting ratty.

I think he has all the tools he can ever need to fix on or work on this house, most of what we buy now are small things for projects, so Home Depot or Lowes gift cards always work.

Our blender is old and gross (it’s a cheap one we registered for when we got married) so I’d like something upgraded before we start making baby food again.  This one seems to be pretty nice and have good reviews.

You absolutely can’t beat these silicone spatulas from Williams Sonoma – the wood handle makes all the difference in the thing melting against a hot pot and we use ours every day and could always use one or two more.  We can always use more waffle weave dish towels as we throw out older ones and keep bringing newer ones in, we still have a few old dish towels from when we got married that are looking awful! (We actually get ours at Target in either black or red. I’m sure these are great, too.)  And we could use some new silicone oven mitts, ours has been used too many times and the silicone is wearing out.  The one we have doesn’t look like that one, but is similar.  They’re so much better than just the fabric ones about keeping your hand from getting hot.
My ears have been sensitive this pregnancy and I’m thinking I might need to upgrade to sterling silver based earrings.  It seems like every time I even wear earrings my ears hurt afterwards.  Hopefully like all the terrible allergies that’s something that will stop once she gets here, too!

I always like a couple of magazines like All You, Oxygen, or People.  Brent would probably like This Old House or other guy-type magazines.

That’s really all I can think of for us, so if I think of some other small things I’ll just do a Christmas update post.

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