The Busiest Day….

The below represents November 1st-3rd, but all the pictures are actually from the third.  Most of our weeknights in November have been pretty occupied cleaning out the attic/upstairs!
I knew the 3rd was going to be one of those perfect storms of way too much to do, but by the end of the day I think I realized I’d been home maybe less than 10 minutes the entire day once we got done with breakfast!
Pretty much every Saturday morning Lilli puts on her ballerina tutu to watch Angelina Ballerina while we eat breakfast.  She’s starting her first dance class in January and couldn’t be more excited.  This particular morning she had to multitask and make a birthday card for her buddy Sebastian.  (So cute that I also have a picture of the card she made for him last year, too!) She does all her writing herself, I just tell her how to spell things.  She is doing GREAT with her letters and we’re working more on numbers.










First order of business was carpet shopping.  A friend had given us a recommendation of a local carpet place (Buddy Allen in Donelson) and I’d already shopped online and saw their prices were reasonable.  We have had enough of having things contracted through Home Depot or Lowes (literally we have had to call and yell Every.Single.Time we have used one of their junky, awful subcontractors) so we were all about going local.  To us, carpet is carpet and they had some great deals so us Spears ladies took our shoes off and let our feet do the testing.  We ended up selecting a plusher brown for the master bedroom and a very nice but not quite as “luxurious” brown for upstairs for the nursery.









We hit up a couple of furniture stores around there but still didn’t see the “right” bunk beds for Lilli.  A friend had recommended BF Myers in Goodlettsville for furniture and we weren’t that far away so we headed that direction.  When we walked in and told a sales-lady what we were looking for she took us straight to this bed – and we were in instant love!! I could tell Brent was all about it so I was very thankful for that! The pictures in the showroom didn’t come out all that great, but it’s the perfect shade of off white to match the furniture we had bought with Lilli’s crib set.  I feel pretty confident that it has to be the same manufacturer because the similarities are just too close in the design and style of this bedroom set to her crib.  It’s perfect and vintage and girly without being overly cheesy.









Brent also really liked that the ladder is slanted (instead of straight up and down) and it’s on via a very sturdy hook so if she has rambunctious friends over we can easily remove it so they don’t get hurt.  It’s also got great rails up top, and still provides the trundle drawer on the bottom for storage that eventually if we want to buy a twin mattress for one day for additional sleeping capacity we can.  The beds themselves are so pretty, and can be unstacked if we ever live in a house that doesn’t have high enough ceilings for it (they measure 7 feet tall at the highest point, so in an 8 foot house that might not work, but considering Lilli has 20 ft+ ceilings that is definitely not a problem!)









Of course for weeks since we started shopping and talking about passing her bed down to little sis, Lilli has been begging to try out all the bunk beds and asking when she was getting them.   A lot of stores have the ladders blocked off where kids can’t even try it (which hasn’t gone over well with her) and since we loved this one we wanted to see how she’d do on the ladder.  However, BF Myers has a great kids toy area in the Kid furniture section and she no longer cared a bit about testing it out.  We couldn’t get her to leave the toys to save her life.









Eventually while I was selecting the mattresses and paying for everything she had to take a bathroom break and Brent got her to try it out, and of course she loved it.  (And now that they’re here and assembled she is absolutely loving her new beds and playing in “her” upstairs! The Barbies have taken residence up in the top bunk!)









We had just enough time for a quick lunch before swinging by the house to pick up Sebastian’s birthday present and heading out past Bellevue to a Monkey’s Treehouse.  It’s another one of those indoor play places with every kind of toy imaginable that a preschooler would like.  I had no clue how far out this place was, but most of her class was there and she had an absolute blast.









Brent actually didn’t come with me, he was at home doing some things around the house and making our chili for a chili party we were going to at church that night.  So, I really don’t have many pics since he is our photographer for everything and I had a nice time sitting on the couches chatting with the other dayschool moms while the kids entertained themselves.








They had pizza and cupcakes, but mostly the kids just wanted to run and play and be wild!









She’s gotten really good at all these rope ladders and spent most of the afternoon chasing her buddy Amelia up the ladder.









From there Lilli and I literally drove back home, picked up Brent and our soup, and headed straight to the chili party (late).  I think we were so tired by this point that we were glad to just sit and visit while the kids ran all around the building that we didn’t take any pictures of the soups or the party! But it was a really fun time and we all enjoyed it.


Back to work tomorrow!

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