Fall Leaves Finale

We got a few last fall leaf pictures of Lilli back on November 4th, before most of them started turning especially dark and blowing away.
On this particular Sunday she was excited to wear her little “Dollie and Me” outfit I had found for her at a consignment sale at a major steal ($10 for both her dress AND the doll dress!) She’s really not into playing with baby dolls, but having the matching outfits was exciting for her and she took her along to church that day to show everyone.  I have to admit, it is pretty cute!!

I’m not sure that the basket of her scooter is really baby safe.










We will definitely have to talk about if sister should or shouldn’t ride in things like her scooter basket.







Lots of leaf kicking…..







And a little tree climbing…..









Being a sweet big sister….









And being a not so sweet big sister!






We got the first of the Christmas decorations out tonight after dinner.  If it weren’t for Lilli we definitely wouldn’t mess with putting a tree up at all this year, but she’s so excited we’ll have to do one and tonight we got her little 3 foot tree out and let her go through the ornaments and pick out which ones she wanted on it.  She ended up with all Disney princess and Wizard of Oz ones on her tree.  I guess all my years of massive Hallmark purchases are finally paying off.  Luckily I amassed so many in the early years all we buy each year is the one we let her pick out annually to build her own collection.  At least by the time she leaves home she’ll have at least 21 ornaments of her own!

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