Adventures in Science….

Lilli’s school had a fall break over November 8th and 9th so the teachers could attend a young childhood conference in Atlanta.  Originally I had thought about us taking one last little mini-trip somewhere, but after we spent so much on new furniture for her and new carpet for us, we decided a little stay-cation would probably be a better option since we have so much to do to get ready for the arrival of baby anyway!
We did kick off the time off with some ice cream (sorbet for Brent and Lilli) at Jenni’s Wednesday night after church.  Their Sweet Potato ice cream with Toasted Marshmallows was so insanely good!!!










Brent didn’t take off on Thursday, so that day it was just me and Lilli.  We played around the house for a bit and then I decided she and I should go and check out the Adventure Science Center nearby.  I had seen where they have a big exhibit on the body and her small group at school has been studying bones so I thought she would really enjoy it.  I couldn’t believe how many school buses were there for field trips when we pulled in! There were 5 different groups and since we all got there right at museum opening it took a bit to get in.  Once we were in it wasn’t too bad – most of the groups had special planetarium things going on, or other special programs they were there to see.  We just avoided where groups were and worked around it.  Her favorite area was this preschool play space that all the school kids were way too old for anyway.








This space had a little pretend treehouse, pretend garden with veggies to raise and harvest, kitchen area, grocery stand area, pretend camping area and all kinds of fun places to play.  She could have stayed there all day, and we did spend more time there before we left, too.








She played grocery store with me forever…..









In one of the busy pass through halls there was this heat seeking screen that identified the “warm” parts of your body.  I really didn’t get a very good pic trying to do it myself with my Iphone, but you could definitely make out where Abbi was! Compared to other (non-pregnant) people passing through mine was DEFINITELY different and kind of crazy! One of the groups was a high school group and these three smarty pants saw me taking my picture, noticed what was up, and started talking about how “gross” I was.  They’re just lucky Lilli was with me.









Posing with a big dinosaur head.









They even have a Subway inside the museum so she and I had some lunch in-between school groups, and by then the Body area had cleared out.  She loved all the different models and parts of the body you could touch.









Anything with bones was a big hit for her and she wanted to tell me all about the random things she had already learned at school.









This guy was a favorite – what you would look like with no bones in your body.









Downstairs they had some fun little trains, mirrors and other activities for the kids.  I was a big fan of the mirror that lengthens and slims you!









There’s also a large climbing/sliding structure all the way up through the middle that leads to a great view of downtown.  I only let her climb around on things where I knew I could easily go and recover her if she got stuck, so she didn’t get to make it the whole way.









She had so much fun on the way out we stopped and bought a family pass for the next year.  The great thing about the museum is you can enjoy it whether it’s hot or cold, rainy or sunny, or just whenever.  And since it’s only 3 miles from our house it’s really convenient to just kill an hour or two, so hopefully we’ll enjoy going a lot this winter.









That afternoon Lilli had another special treat in getting to go to the doctor with me for my check-up.  She had lots of fun meeting the doctor and hearing the heartbeat.  Afterwards we even had to go over to the hospital for my Rhogham shot.  Since I have the Rh Factor (neg blood type and Brent is positive) I was at the point where I had to get my preventative shot and the doctor doesn’t keep it in the office because it’s not incredibly common and it expires too fast to really make it practical.  So afterwards we took her up to the nursery to see the newborns.  We’ll have our hospital tour soon and we’ve signed her up for a Big Sister class as well.






After that our last order of the day was dinner at Chili’s! No celebration is complete without a little Chili’s.









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