Thanksgiving #1

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving at Brent’s parents house (Nov 17th).  Brent had to work the day after Thanksgiving this year, but in general it was SO much nicer celebrating early and not trying to squeeze a million stops (as well as luggage, kids, dog, etc) into one weekend.

The annual family photog.  Maybe next year Lil and I will have to sport some shades.  I should also probably not turn at an angle.  Not flattering.








Brent’s Dad’s birthday is always on or around Thanksgiving.  This year he had a turkey cake to share with the three little turkeys.







Just the girlie turkeys…







The ladies hanging around, probably sipping coffee and having cookies.








Lilli had a lot of fun playing with Madison, but there’s just one toy no kid can resist – the phone!!









We had a great “first” Thanksgiving with Brent’s family, and Lilli had lots of fun playing with her cousins (even though he didn’t take many pictures, ha!)

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