Abigail’s Shower

Back a few weeks ago some of the ladies at church threw us a baby shower (November 18th).  Even though she’s a “second” baby and we really don’t need anything major this time, they really wanted to do it so we graciously accepted their sweet offer.  I was really most excited for Lilli to be able to be there and open the presents and get to be the “big sis” in training.

She was a tad confused about the whole thing and thought she would get her baby sister AT the actual shower, and really couldn’t understand why we would get presents before she gets here – but when she heard presents and cupcakes she got over it pretty fast.

Yummy pink cupcakes made by one of our friends (there was also punch and some other goodies)








I let Lilli open all the presents and she had a lot of fun with that.









Several of her little buddies were also there enjoying goodies in the back part of the Activity Center.  Once we opened the first round of presents Lilli went back there to have her goodies and hang out with them.









Gorgeous quilt made by our song leader/Sunday school teacher’s wife










After we opened the first round of gifts we got to eat and visit for a little while, and then we opened a second round of gifts for the people that had come later.  By that point, Lilli wasn’t interested in opening presents anymore (she was way too busy playing with the older kids…) but her little buddy Madisyn was more than happy to volunteer to help which was just fine with me.  She’s about two weeks older than Lilli and will be getting a baby boy cousin here in the next 2-3 weeks that will be hanging out with Lilli a lot in the church nursery!











Here’s what Lilli was too busy doing – blowing up balloon in the back room with the older kids!









We got a ton of cute clothes for Abbi, along with several gift cards and items off our registry.   And a couple of sweet people even bought little presents for Lilli, too.  We’re very lucky to get so much new stuff for a “#2” kiddo.









What we forgot about though was where to put all this stuff! This was the day before our new carpet was installed, so we spent the rest of the day moving furniture absolutely all over the house.  It was a MESS!! Everything in our bedroom ended up in the dining room, living room and foyer.  A few things, along with all these baby gifts, ended up in Lilli’s room.  And everything from upstairs in Abbi’s room had either already gone to Goodwill, been given away, or ended up stuffed in the attic.  It was quite the chore.  The end result has been more than worth it and the whole house is really coming together.

Tonight we went on our hospital tour for where Abigail will be delivered.  My new doctor doesn’t deliver where we went last time, so we’ll be going somewhere different instead.  It’s just next door to the hospital we used last time, so the drive is the same and I think we do actually like it better.  We really didn’t get a ton out of the tour, primarily because we were just there a couple of weeks ago for my Rhogam shot, and kind of walked all around on our own.  But, it was good to get the official tour and understand some of their policies and procedures that were a bit different.  She told us that no kids under the age of 13, unless they are a sibling, are even allowed in the hospital this time of year due to RSV/flu season.  At our previous hospital the age limit was only 2 (although that was 4 years ago).  They can’t even be in the waiting area here, so that was a bit surprising, but it’s a Women’s/Children’s Hospital and it is good to be cautious about germs.  They also have a “quiet time” from 2-4 in the afternoon where they discourage visitors and nurses don’t do rounds and disturb you (sounds like heaven!!) so parents are encouraged to nap and rest.  I am all about that!!! We definitely had a lot of visitors coming all the time, some staying way, way too long last time, so I like a bit more regulation about that this time so we can all enjoy each other and get some rest without constantly being dropped in on.

Only 6-6.5 more weeks to go!

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