New Carpet!

Here’s a few pics from our first experience in getting new carpet (November 19th-21st).

Surprisingly in 13 years of home-ownership this is the first new carpet experience we’ve ever had.  Before we left our old house in Smyrna it really was at the place where it needed new carpet, and in this house everything has been hardwood or us removing carpet.  We were really never happy with how the hardwoods turned out in our bedroom, and I wish we had done this a LONG time ago!

Here’s our bedroom before – I had never even found a wall color I liked (I think we’ve painted it three times now) and it always seemed so dark and uncomfortable.  It’s not really our bedroom before, since we’d already moved a lot of the furniture out, but it’s basically it.








And the carpet upstairs in Abbi’s room just always seemed so gross and definitely cheap.  Really not something you’d want a baby playing on or crawling around on.  It’s an 800 square foot room, which we never realized until we were getting carpet for it! With all the angles and twists and gables it never has felt very large, although now that we’ve got the nursery nearly ready it feels nice and spacious.








It’s a little hard to tell from this picture, but they would roll out the carpet IN THE STREET to cut it!! They would stop traffic and just roll it on out.  Hilarious.  I couldn’t believe it when Brent showed me those pictures.  I only met them one evening as they were leaving and I was getting home from work, but Brent really liked them and they did a good job.  We didn’t have any issues with Buddy Allen and would definitely use them again.  Unlike Home Depot and Lowes, this is their actual crew they use every day, so they’re not cheap subcontractors who don’t care.










Here’s our bedroom with the carpet in process.  Since our furniture is so massive they left a few of the big pieces in and moved them around in the room since our bedroom is so large they were doing it in two phases anyway.









It took them all day the first day just to get our bedroom and sliver of the bathroom done.  Thankfully they did that room first so we could put our bed back together that night to sleep! They did get the upstairs carpet removed and put down the carpet pad as well.  Our rooms all have so many angles that it’s not straight forward, plus they had the wonderful challenge of even getting carpet rolls to our narrow upstairs stairwell!

The new carpet has been well received.  I’ll have to keep looking if we have final pictures with the furniture back in, but everything is so nice and clean now.  Pippin is extraordinarily happy and spend a lot of time just licking it.  The carpet we put in our bedroom is a nice and extra soft blend and feels so good on your feet! You can tell he’s so happy to have some non-hardwood surfaces to stretch out on that are warmer and that he doesn’t slide all around on.









And Lilli has moved right in and usually does some “tricks” in our room every night – from her dance, to cartwheels and tumbling, she LOVES it.  Last night she asked if she could get carpet in her room.  I guess she’s realized everyone else’s bedroom has it now!









The upstairs after with carpet.  We’re getting close to having the nursery fully set up, too!










And of course the end of all the furniture moving and rearranging meant we could FINALLY pull out all of Lilli’s old baby stuff and start sorting through and washing and her old clothes.  She’s had lots of fun going through all the boxes of her old clothes and toys and playing with them all over again.









This weekend when we have some daylight we’ll have to snap some true after pictures with all our furniture loaded back in the rooms, but we are very happy with the new carpet and wish we’d done this a LOT sooner!! I’m also interested to see if our heat bill is any lower this winter.  Our bedroom was always so cold, of course with 70 degree temps like we’ve had this week it is going to be a lot lower to begin with!

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