Bunk Beds!!

Pics from November 23rd-28th….

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Lilli’s bunk beds were delivered and assembled.  We spent that morning taking apart her toddler bed to move upstairs and convert back into a crib, but we got a big surprise when I opened the door to take a letter outside to be mailed….our prodigal cat Buzz Lightyear was out on the porch, sunning himself, just like he used to.













He acted like he’d never been gone and was excited to see us.  I still had an old pack of cat treats in the cupboard I’d never given away, so we got those out and he was happy as a clam.  We’ve seen him living around the block at a house near us, but ever since our new neighbors moved in with their 3 dogs Buzz hasn’t spent any time with us.  Brent was pretty sure he only came back to be on our Christmas card again this year.












He did stick around for most of the day, and was as friendly with us as ever.  He’s been out front one other time since then, but otherwise we haven’t seen him.  I guess he was just stopping by to wish us Happy Holidays.  I wouldn’t mind if he stuck around for the winter, last year was the only time we’ve never had mice in the house.











But the main focus of the day was all the buzz around Lilli’s new bunk beds.  Our delivery window was 12:30-2:30, and they showed up right at 12.  I’m not sure on what planet people are ever early for a delivery, and we were right in the midst of moving her bookcase and other toys around in her room and the place was a disaster.  Although we’re really happy with the quality of our furniture and our overall sales experience at BF Myers, the delivery guys left a bit to be desired.  They weren’t friendly at all, constantly left our front door open on a cold door (even when they weren’t going in and out), and one of them smelled like smoke SO badly that Lilli’s room actually stank after he left – and I never even saw him take a smoke break.  Now that is seriously awful.  They also didn’t even put a piece on and just left it in a pile of junk in her floor because they couldn’t find the screws for it.  Um, no.  When you spend a lot of money on furniture you will assemble all of it – and correctly!

The before: (the quilt is for when she wants it to be a tent/fort)










And the after, kind of.  We didn’t get very many good pictures of it that day, but we also just bought some cheap sheets for it.  We looked at both Target and Bed Bath and Beyond but weren’t happy with what they had, everything was mostly kind of cheap and tweeny looking and we wanted something classic and vintage.  I ended up ordering some duvets and pretty sheets at Pottery Barn Kids that came in this week and we just washed and put on today so I’ll do some updated pictures.  They look so pretty and girly now!












She went up and down the steps a hundred times that day and usually has a large stockpile of Barbies and other toys up there.  So far we haven’t had to tell her not to sleep up top, we thought that might be something sneaky she would try.  She was so very proud of her very big girl bed that night! Every day she asks if she can bring different friends over to spend the night with her.  I think even Brent is itching to try sleeping up top, and I think her mattress is more comfortable than our incredibly old one that’s on the 2013 list of things to replace!!  And I love, love, love the storage the trundle door under the bed provides.  All of her shoes are in there, along with all her board games, educational books and some of her larger craft items that we don’t use as much.  It is SUCH a huge space saver in her room.












Besides her army of stuffed animals, there are a few other things she sleeps with every night.  Her lovie, her flashlight, and her digital camera.  She usually reads by flashlight for a few minutes after she goes to bed (hilarious to watch over the webcam we have).  And she usually takes a few pictures with her camera after she’s tucked in, too.  Most of them recently are pictures of her Christmas tree as viewed from her bed.  It cracks us up to see what’s on her camera stream.  She’s her daddy in training.










Brent took this right after Thanksgiving break – most of the kids were out that week, but it was hilarious to see what some of them were thankful for.  I’m just glad Lilli picked us over food or the classroom guinea pig (Snuggly).













And getting Lilli’s room all rearranged and updated has freed us up for working on the nursery.  At this point it’s nearly done.  We’ve unpacked all her old stuff and gotten most of the toys, clothes and other things washed, hung up, and arranged.   Lilli has spent lots of time hanging out in the crib and playing with all her old toys.  If you’re still trying to think of little things to get us for Christmas, BATTERIES would be an excellent choice!! I didn’t realize how many of these little toys took batteries.  AA, C, and D would all make great choices.












Happy Rainy Saturday!

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