STARS Christmas Party

The annual Kids Christmas Party for all the church kids was back a couple of weekends ago on November 30th.  It was at the same bounce-y place in Hendersonville this year as last year’s party.    Lilli absolutely loves a good bouncy party so we didn’t tell her about it until a couple of days before hand since she just can’t contain her excitement!!

Instead of pizza there before-hand, everyone met at the nearby McDonalds and we pretty much took it over.  The church paid for everyone’s dinner and a lot of Happy Meals were involved!!  Basically Chicken Nuggies for them all!











After eating and probably driving away the rest of their eat-in business we headed over to the bounce place.  They attempted a group shot of (most) of the kids.  Maybe one day Lilli will be a fan of the group shot, but for now she would rather be jumping with her buddies.









Brent took quite a few pictures of the kiddos that we’ve already shared on Facebook with their parents.  Once you’ve seen a kid bounce down a slide you’ve sort of seen it, plus we enjoyed just being able to visit while she ran around and did her thing with friends – we’re definitely savoring these last few weeks of easy visiting until we have a little one who can’t fend for herself!

She and Zach went down hand in hand…..











She did some sliding with her big buddy Emma….









Brent was taking several pictures of the kids coming down and showing out and when Hank got to the bottom he kept on running and tackled Brent.  That little guy is all boy and hilarious!!!











They also had all sort of bouncy balls and other little things to scoot around on.  She and Madisyn took a little see-saw break…









We had  great night and of course none of the kids wanted to leave when the party time was over.  It’s so nice to go somewhere small enough where they can do something like this for all the kids and they all know each other so well and have such a great time together.

We’ve had a great weekend and relatively calm for the busy holiday season.  We took advantage of this nice, warm weather and went to the Nashville Christmas Parade Friday night.  Saturday we actually had no plans whatsoever (unheard of!!!) so we absolutely enjoyed that and Brent took Lilli over to the Science Museum and they hung out there for FIVE hours giving me some peace and quiet to get things done around the house, nap, relax and just enjoy some much needed down-time.  I’ve definitely been feeling more run down but after this relatively quiet weekend I think I’m ready to face another busy work week!

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