Donuts for All!

These pics represent December 2nd – 5th, I am getting caught up!!!

One pretty Sunday Brent took a few pictures of Lilli in the lovely cypress leaves out front…..we still haven’t gotten them raked.  Last weekend we had the time but it rained most of the weekend.











Running around the yard….











That Monday evening we went for the hospital tour of where we’ll be delivering Abbi.  We know we’ll have a planned C-section, so we really just wanted a little overview of the hospital and how things worked there since we’re going somewhere different this time (nothing wrong with where we were with Lilli, my doc just doesn’t deliver there).  We would’ve been fine without it, but it was nice to hear some of the rules they have that our previous hospital didn’t.  No kids under 13 are allowed in the hospital unless they’re a sibling, and no visitors between 2-4 pm.  (The kid rule is because of the current RSV/flu season.)  It’s a quiet “rest time” where the nurses don’t even bother you and they encourage you to nap.  I can be ALL about that.  We definitely plan on being more vocal with times for people to visit us this time, last time we had people who stayed for HOURS, people came late when we were tired, people who came when all we really wanted to do was eat before the cafeteria closed and lots of people who just showed up without calling first.  Of course we want visitors, but I think we’ll just set some certain hours and ask people to please stay within them.

The tour was probably pretty boring for Lilli since only a small portion of it involved looking in the nursery, but she must have enjoyed it because she told at least one of her classmate’s parents about it the following day.  She’s going to take a “big sister” class in just a little over a week where they get to practice holding babies (baby dolls) and learn about all the things you need to know with a new baby.  I know she’ll love that.

To reward her for being so good on the semi-boring hour-long tour, we stopped at Krispy Kreme afterward.












Of course she picked out one of the seasonal snowman donuts.  They always get you in it being so much cheaper to buy a dozen, so we brought some extras home with us too.  Of course we probably should have shared them with coworkers and saved the calories…but they’re just SO good.










Most of our weeknights have just been getting ready for baby.  Lots of things are washed and put up and most of what we have left is just decorating and a few odds and ends.  We don’t stress about it too much this time because we know it will be weeks before she even uses her room.  I do have lots of help getting everything ready, and Pippin appears to be so excited he has disappeared upstairs several times and gotten “stuck”.  For some reason if we don’t block off the stairs up there, he’ll venture up and be too scared to come back down on his own.  This unexplained phenomenon has been going on for years and we’ll never understand it.











Speaking of getting ready for baby, we had our 34 week ultrasound today and everything looked good! Abigail scored perfectly on all her “tests” but just wouldn’t pose for any good face pictures.  She either had both arms over her face or was sucking on a hand.  It looks like she’s got some thin little hair and is going to be another petite little thing.  No big surprise there since I’m not exactly tall, Lilli is extremely tiny (15th percentile on size!) and Brent’s really not a linebacker himself.  I would have been more surprised if she measured on the large size.  According to my doctor that will be my last ultrasound and the next time we “see” her it will be the real deal, in something less than 5 weeks!

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