Science & Santa Time

Some pics from December 8th-11th…

On Saturday the 8th, Brent offered to take Lilli out for a couple of hours so I could have some much needed alone time at home, to work on Abbi’s room and also just RELAX.  This pregnancy has been a lot harder just from the aspect of never really getting a chance to prop my feet up and just zone out in the evenings, since a certain almost 4-year old doesn’t know the meaning of relaxation.

He offered to take Lilli over to the Adventure Science Museum.  He didn’t get to go when I took her back in November and signed us up for an annual membership.  We only have to go 4 times to get our money’s worth (if we only take ourselves), and I figure we’ll probably visit once a month since it’s so handy.  I figured they would be gone just a couple of hours (I think she and I stayed between 2-3 hours) but they were gone for FIVE hours!!! I eventually started getting lonely and called just to make sure they were ok since I hadn’t heard from them in several hours!!

It was a pretty rainy day, so I thought it might be crowded with parents looking for indoor stuff for their kiddos, but Brent said it was practically deserted.  WAY less people than when I took Lilli and all the school groups were there!











I think they did everything in there at least 3 or 4 times, sometimes more on her favorites.  They found things that I never even saw when I took her!











They had lunch at the Subway inside the museum.  When I asked her what she had, she told me cookies.  I think (hope) a sandwich was also involved.











One of my favorite areas is this hands-on play area with the garden, market, campground, etc (lots of things you can do outside).  I think at the end of January they’re changing it out for a new exhibit, hopefully it will be just as much fun.










The planet stuff…..sometime we’re going to have to get tickets to one of the planetarium shows.  They’ve had some special ones for the holidays but I think we’ve missed it now.











I never even saw this area when Lilli and I went, but it takes your photograph and shows how you age as a smoker vs non-smoker.  I’m really not even sure why in this day and age people need to still have it spelled out for them why it’s so unhealthy, but whoa –










It was especially strange to see Lilli aged!









It was sooo nice to have a few hours to myself and get all of Abbi’s laundry washed and hung away, as well as put up a few last baby shower gifts we had gotten.  I even worked in a little nap for myself and watched White Christmas.  I don’t even remember the last time I had five hours all to myself!!  And I have a strong feeling it will be a while before I have that much alone time again!

The following week on Tuesday night as soon as we got home from work we loaded back in the car and headed over to Bass Pro to have Lilli’s picture made with Santa.  It’s free, and they have a really good looking Santa.  Thankfully going that early in the month the line was really short and we probably only waited about 15 minutes.  While I stood in line, Lilli played with the toy guns.  Nothing like a good Southern girl working on her aim!










Santa went…about how I imagined it would.  She was excited to see him until it was finally happening and of course she wanted me to sit on his lap, too.  She didn’t cry but she certainly wasn’t chipper.   For some reason, this year Bass Pro just wasn’t as great a picture as normal.  The official one we got was SUPER zoomed out, and several of our other friends had the same experience with their picture.  The Santa area was a lot smaller, and they got rid of the free carousel because it “broke down too much”.  Ironically, the area the free carousel has been in was replaced by a bunch of stuff you could buy.











But, it was free and she got to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas and that’s all that matters.  She told him she wanted a baby doll which thankfully was the first normal (as in easy to find and not large) thing she had come up with to ask for, so we were very happy about that! The rest of the holiday season she stuck with that same story which made us happy, happy, happy.  And she did really enjoy talking to him afterwards, she’s just not a big fan of instantly being thrust in some strange guy’s lap and being told to smile.  I can understand that.











Afterwards we had dinner over at Caney Fork Fish.  It’s pretty good catfish, but the big attraction for the kiddos is definitely the fish pond.  I have to say, my biggest attraction was the fried pickles.  Yum and Yum.  Probably just a pregnancy thing.










Lilli came along with me to my doctor’s appointment today (36 weeks – full term!) and was quite entertaining.  She wouldn’t wait outside while I had to “give my sample”, and was quite intrigued by having to go in a cup – then she wanted to know if we were going to bring that home with us.  Um, no.  She also wowed the doctor with her Ipad skills.  Everything looked/sounded good, but my blood pressure was a little bit higher than it has been (for me), but still in range.  I had that happen with Lilli on our last few visits, too.  I go back on January 10th (38 weeks) and we’ll probably pick the C-section date then for sometime the following week.  Either way, we’re about 3 weeks and counting!

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