Christmas Caroling and Parties

Pics from December 16th – 21st….

This was one of my favorite Christmas dresses of Lilli’s this year, a really cute little Rosie Posie dress I got at a consignment sale.  It’s hard to tell but it has a green satin ribbon that ties around the front.  That particular Sunday morning it was tied and untied about three hundred times because she wanted to do it herself.  Yeah, she can’t actually tie it herself but can make some rather interesting configurations with satin.











Every night she sleeps with her camera (and a small flashlight).  It’s hilarious to scroll through her pictures and she what all she’s capturing.  There’s a lot of rather strange pictures of her Barbies posed together, and most every night she has been taking a picture of her Christmas tree from her bed.  Christmas morning she was disappointed that she didn’t hear Santa and get to take his pictures.  And some other time this week when I went in her room as I heard her waking up she was sleeping with her head at the opposite end of her bed because she had been watching for Jack Frost to paint her transom window with snow and take a picture of him.  She is her father’s daughter.










On Friday of the last week before Christmas the older preschool classes at Lilli’s daycare performed Christmas carols for downtown workers during the lunch hour.  They had been practicing several songs for weeks – Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  Lilli knew JB, Rudolph and WWYMC very well and had been singing them all the time.  However, we know our kiddo pretty well and knew without a doubt she would not sing them for the paparazzi.  I thought I might make it better by not walking them out from the class and just being in the crowd, but that didn’t help.  As soon as she saw me she wanted me to be up there with them.  How cute would that have been (not).   So she stood there in the front row sulking the entire time.  Of course, the front row was 100% sulking, so she fit right in.  At least she did better than Laoise on her left, who did start crying for her parents (in this picture she has her arms out for them) and had to be taken off for a couple of minutes before she would go back up there.











I videoed the whole thing, but she just stands there looking sadly at me with her lip stuck out.  Really, only about 2 or 3 kids actually sang while the others just looked confused and cold.   The best part is that when we showed her the video at home that night she laughed and laughed at herself – and sang along to every song.  What can you do? The Tennessean was also there and wrote this article and included one picture (they focused on the happy kids – Lilli’s BFF Katherine is in the shot as well as the little boy who carried the whole thing and put on QUITE the performance).   Hopefully dance class (starting in January) will help her with some of this stage fright.











Later that afternoon her class had their Christmas “party”.  They had made cookie dough the day before as a science/math activity, and on this afternoon they got to decorate them and also make a Christmas card.











Of course they had a fantastic time with sprinkles and icing…..










And after that Lilli and I left to start our Christmas break.  She is REALLY missing her school friends and starting to ask every day when she gets to go back.  Having lots of good friends to play with every day is certainly more exciting than putzing around the house with us, especially with this cold weather we have now.  She’s been asking when we can go back to the playground, the pool and play on her trampoline.  I think she’s about over winter now.  We have hardly had any snow, this afternoon we got barely enough to scrape off the fence to make some tiny snowballs, but certainly nothing fun enough to play in.  Hopefully soon!

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