Marching on…..

Time just keeps marching on, but just no time for blogging lately.  We’re definitely busy at work and getting a few last things ready for baby.  We’ve gotten the car seat in, pack and play set up in our room, washed bottles tonight and also got a few things packed for the hospital, just in case.  I should get a date at my appointment on Thursday, but you just never know when babies happen to show up earlier on their own.  And I would be totally fine with that!!

And of course Big Sis has been keeping us busy! Besides celebrating another of her friends’ birthdays last weekend we also had her party Saturday night.  She had a great time with a lot of her favorite friends and we have a lot of pictures to share from that soon.  And this afternoon she started ballet class.  At first she was a little timid, but once she got comfortable she was all about it and in hog heaven.  She did great and is definitely one of the more coordinated ones.  She had a blast and I know she’s going to love ballet class, and enjoy having a “big” activity all her own to look forward to while we’re busy with the new baby.




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